From Fragging To Pwning, Gamers Share Words You Never Hear Online Anymore

If you've been gaming for a while, there will be words and terms you previously heard and perhaps even used on a regular basis that have fallen by the wayside. Things you've probably not thought about for a while that fell out of favor without you even realizing. If some of those words spring to mind, now is the time to share them with others on a thread unearthing gaming's forgotten phrases.

Started by a user called Uncle at Nintendo on ResetEra, they kicked things off by pointing out you don't really hear people use the word fragging anymore when it comes to games. Previously a word exclaimed by someone who had just picked up a kill, quite a few of the replies have also selected fragging as their forgotten gaming word of choice.

Perhaps the most popular answer to Uncle at Nintendo's question is pwn. Definitely not a word that remains in regular circulation, and one that is sure to make you sound like the uncle at a family get-together who is trying to fit in with his nieces and nephews when handed a Joy-Con for the first time. You can't say pwn without also saying noobs right after, of course, another gaming word that appears to have been lost to time.

Also regularly used by the sort of people who regularly pwned noobs is woot, and a few replies have questioned whether people still use the acronym ftw in video game spaces. Also questioned is whether free man was ever a widely used term. When the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy hit cinemas, some claimed that was what people called an extra life in a time when arcades were where almost all video games were played.

Shlooter also gets a lot of mentions in the thread, a word that definitely deserves to be left in gaming's past. I had never heard it before and while a quick Google revealed it to mean exactly what I expected, if you remove the er from the end of the word it becomes something very different. Definitely don't look it up yourselves, and if you ignore that advice, whatever you do, please don't then click on images.

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