Games Inbox: Are you optimistic about Days Gone?

The evening Inbox isn’t upset at Days Gone’s lack of multiplayer, as another reader looks forward to the Call Of Duty reveal.

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Combo breaker

Sony has been on a great run, but I have this feeling that may come to end Thursday afternoon with Days Gone. I understand GC can’t comment, but gamers who have got hands on early, the consensus is a good story is marred by weak gameplay. The shooting in particular has received the most criticism. I’ve watched a lot of video footage now and I have serious concerns.

Environments appear lifeless, and everything about the game is overly familiar. With a reported four hours of cut scenes, no matter how good they might be, there’s some very inconsistent, dare I say amateurish voice-acting. There is also the frequency of the cut scenes which is a worry, I witnessed one which was there to change the setting from day to night. I’ve got a feeling Days Gone is going to enable me to appreciate Red Dead Redemption II more.

My prediction for GC’s review is 5/10. I anticipate a game which isn’t actively bad, but not good either. I also don’t think a decent story is compensation for a mediocre gameplay, but we shall see what the critics make of it soon. A late review embargo is never a good sign…


Avoiding bloat

Thanks for doing the review of World War Z, GC. As usual we see that when publishers hold back review copies it’s usually always for the same reason. Although it did sound better than I was expecting and if they manage to patch it up and it goes on cheap I may pick it up.

I didn’t know about the backstory with Sony and Days Gone at all, so that was all a bit of a surprise. Although I can see why Sony probably weren’t interested in a team-up, as I imagine adding a multiplayer onto a giant open world game is going to sound a bit bloated. I at least a assume that Days Gone is pretty huge and there’s plenty to do already?

Will be very curious to see how that reviews as I remember you were not too impressed by the preview, but didn’t hate it. That seemed to be the view of a lot of others and some of the early impressions so it seems like it could go either way. I’m not sure Sony will care that much though. It’s got zombies in it so it’ll sell whatever.

GC: Lack of content is not a problem with Days Gone.


Money madness

Sounds like that portable Switch is definitely coming this year. I think they’ll probably announce it before E3 too. You don’t want to announce new hardware just a couple of weeks before you release it, or at least I don’t think Nintendo would want to.

I actually read the whole of that Bloomberg article and boy, business people are weird. All that gumpf about second-guessing whether Nintendo will hit their targets are or not. It just seems so… silly? They already know roughly how well they’re doing, it’s not like it’s going to be some amazing resolution, and yet they’re talking about trading millions of dollars of shares depending on if they sell a few thousand more or less than was expected.

Anyway, that’s capitalism for you I guess. On a brighter, entirely game-related noted, Joker really is a great characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I really like the way you’ve got to build up to be able to use his persona. Really adds a unique element you don’t get with any of the other fighters.


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No comparison

I’ve been trying to revisit Final Fantasy VII and wanted to offer a counterpoint to the effusive Final Fantasy VII letter a few weeks ago. When I initially played it, it was the one of my first role-playing games and I was blown away by the graphics, the music, and the scope of the game. These days, while it’s still a decent game, its flaws are more evident and its strengths more commonplace.

The main issue is the dialogue. While this has been criticised in recent Final Fantasies, it’s arguably worse in Final Fantasy VII. The main difference is that the recent games are voiced, which highlights the poor writing. To quote Harrison Ford, ‘You can type this stuff, but you sure can’t say it’. To make matters worse, there are often interminably long dialogue breaks. A secondary issue are the Characters, Barratt is a stereotype at best and the most memorable thing about Aeris is that she dies. The others aren’t significantly better.

There are other smaller issues like the numerous iffy mini-games, random battles, and unskippable summons, some of which are simply a product of their time.

It’s still undeniably a classic, but I don’t think its aged well and you can see why it might be difficult to remake. There’s going to be a temptation to try and iron out a lot of these flaws, but retaining them may result in a lukewarm reception in today’s environment, and making changes will likely anger fans.
Matt (He_who_runs_away – PSN ID)


Live changes

Does anybody know what these words have in common: leg, body, gambling, violence, high, god, colour, black, and die?

They have all recently been censored from some of the songs in Forza Horizon 4 (‘Die’ was left in one song but taken out of another) but I think I’m right in thinking this is way over the top and extremely concerning that a game can be censored months after purchase.

Do you, GameCentral, think I’m overreacting or am I right to be concerned?

GC: Apparently it’s due to shifting standards for the ESRB age rating board and Microsoft wanting to keep their E for Everyone rating.


Shifting blame

Regarding Kreegorm’s letter, companies have to earn ‘as much profit as possible for their shareholders’ or they are breaking the law. Funny how they will follow that law but will bypass others that they feel don’t apply to them. Looking at your actions in Belgium in particular EA.

The short-sightedness of these publishers is staggering. They cannot conceivably keep making the profits they have done in the past. We have seen the fallout of that with EA laying off over 300 staff, despite them making record profits.

These publishers are growing too fast. It is unsustainable but the people in charge don’t care. They will take their massive pay day while they can and worry about the fallout later. As long as they keep the shareholders sweet, they couldn’t care less about the industry or the people working in it.

The games industry is in a bit of a mess whether people realise it or not. It is not run properly and cannot be sustained long term. The sooner these publishers realise this, the better. I won’t hold my breath though.

Blaming the end user for manipulative business practises, preying on the weak-willed, and relying on the pester power of kids is out of order. Instead of blaming gamers, put the blame where it should be.


Sports commentator

I’d say it’s Inbox magic, but like the reader said this is the time of year they announce Call Of Duty anyway. But apparently a bunch of American footballers have, for some reason, already played the new game this week. I seem to remember that’s how Black Ops 4 was revealed as well, with a baseball player or something caught wearing a hat?

I don’t what benefit that is, as I don’t think he ever said anything about the game except wear the hat, but I’m going to guess we’ll get a reveal within the next three weeks at least. They usually go for weekends, so since we’ve heard nothing this weekend (and it’s Avengers) maybe the week after?

I’ll be totally happy with Modern Warfare 4 but I do agree that they should keep or update Blackout. That was the best thing to happen to Call Of Duty in years, and to be honest it’s been ages since there was a decent story campaign.


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Partial benefits

RE: Sparky the Yak’s letter about 8K on the new PlayStation 5, it does ring true with other concerns I have of the new console. The Last Of Us Part II has just filmed the last scene needed for the game and now the wait to put it all together begins! Cyberpunk 2077 is still a long way off before the game is anywhere near complete, so the wait continues! The Elder Scrolls VI, possibly even further away again and a mighty wait is required for this also!

Now a couple or more games like The Last Of Us were released for the PlayStation 3 but were much better when released on the PlayStation 4 a little time later. Which does make me wonder if some of my most required future titles would be best waiting for the PlayStation 5 to play them, as why have an inferior product when there is a superior product around the corner?

Now we don’t have a release date for the PlayStation 5 but by the time some of the above titles are released the PlayStation 5 would probably already be released or maybe within months of each other, which may force me to be an early adopter – which I tend to not do currently with consoles. I don’t tend to get consoles early due to the untrusting nature I have in the hardware not being capable of being in full working order. I usually get a tweaked model a year or two later, which has had a few of the inner guts of the consoles modified.

Either way, going by the specs of the PlayStation 5 it obviously is aiming high with technology that has not even become mainstream and the fact that, annoyingly, 8K is being targeted and as GC readers are aware the human eye can only see a certain aspect of the visual spectrum and at some point even folk with 20/20 vision are going to be at the limits and 8K could only benefit some of the populace.


Inbox also-rans

The biggest problem with Dragon’s Dogma is it’s got such a weird and off-putting name. What does it mean? Does the dragon have a dogma and what is it? I’ve played the game and I have no idea.

Poor old BioWare and Anthem. I have to agree with the previous reader, they should just cut their loses and pull the plug. I just don’t think anyone cares.
Baron Coubertin


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Going back to a much-loved video game can often be a traumatising experience, as something you remember as being amazing is revealed to have aged less than gracefully, but what’s your worst experience with an old title?

Was the problem the old-fashioned graphics, the controls, or gameplay that seems too simplistic or unfair nowadays? What still works about the game and is there a modern equivalent that does the same sort of things but better?

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