Games Inbox: Are you still playing Destiny 2?

The Morning Inbox considers Ubisoft’s unusual approach to user-generated content in Watch Dogs: Legion, as one reader discovers the Toki remake.

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Sticking with it

Very interesting weekend Hot Topic, about what game you feel you wasted the most time on. It was mentioned a few times but I’m surprised that Destiny 1 and 2 wasn’t even more ‘popular’ as that is a series that I am absolutely burnt out on and just don’t understand what I ever saw on it, looking back. It was fun, of course, at the time but looking back at it now I almost feel like I fell for a scam and I’ve been doing cold turkey ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing Bungie of doing anything untoward, I just feel it was almost like a case of mass hysteria that everyone was into it. Unless… they still are? I haven’t heard anyone mention it in what seems like years and I don’t know any of my friends that have touched it since before Activision dumped it.

It’s also been weirdly quiet from Bungie, who I expected to do a big new marketing campaign for the game once they got control back but they don’t seem to have done much and I’m not to clear how long they’re going to carry on with it and when the inevitable Destiny 3 is going to happen. So my question is this: is there anyone out there still playing it and how long do they expect to stick with it without a major annoucement from Bungie?


Childhood emulation

I came across your Toki review just the other day. Thank you! I didn’t know until your review that the game was remade. I have to admit that you’re right, I’m probably one of the few people thrilled with this game being remade, but it made my day.

I bought it for the Switch as soon as I knew about it (thanks to you). This was my favourite arcade game as a child. My brother and I would always go to the YMCA for summer camp as kids, and they had the Toki arcade game at the YMCA game room. I have tried finding this game a few times over the years at arcades, but never with any luck.

There are a few website emulators where you can play the original, but it’s not the same without a joystick/buttons, or now in the case of the Nintendo, a controller. Thank you again!
Patrick Carlisle


Three times round

I understand people have different opinions to myself, along with different tastes and preferences but how can Red Dead Redemption II be described as dull?!

I am on my third go of the campaign, each time making different choices and coming at scenarios in an alternative way.

The online part of Red Dead Redemption II doesn’t interest me at all but I’m still loving the immersion of the world after all these months.
Ritch (TheInsaneNutter – gamertag)


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Hands across the ocean

First time correspondence from an avid reader and gaming enthusiast. Shout out to you guys at Metro (I’m an American, on the coast of Maryland).

I own a Switch and while I own almost all of the major first party games, I hardly have the time to play them between work and my backlogged PlayStation 4.

Thus, I recently lent my big sis my Switch for a couple months to play Yoshi’s Crafted World which she adored (got it back in time for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3). I have to say the Switch Lite interests me as a birthday gift for my sister, as she enjoys playing almost entirely in handheld mode.

But if there was an option to get a ‘Pro’ Switch, I’d gladly buy that and give her my normal one. Just my two cents. Keep up the splendid work Metro and corresponding gamer community.


Wrong fit

I’m just wondering has anyone even considered if the Switch Lite would fit into Nintendo’s Labo VR headset? I’m guessing it won’t. It’s such a snug fit on the regular Switch as it was designed for it. With the weight and dimensions of this Lite version changing I can see it causing some confusion in retail shops.

I’ve heard nothing mentioned about the Lite’s compatibility with the Labo kits at all during its announcement. It’s not as if most of the shop assistants are well schooled on these kind of things either. Last thing anyone would want is for the Lite version to slide out of any of the Labo kits and inadvertently break after it has dropped on to the floor.
Nick The Greek

GC: We mentioned Labo in our original story on the Lite, it’s not going to work with it at all.


Just a name

I’ve always felt the name Switch worked on a few levels, and certainly not only to refer to switching from docked to handheld. Switch to Nintendo, Switch to gaming, Switch it on quick as a flash (memory), Switch from skateboarding to Mario Kart, Switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead (10 points to anyone who gets that reference).

It’s certainly a clever name, and it does work better for the original Switch. But it’s only a name. The Mega Drive didn’t actually take you round Brands Hatch, the Xbox One wasn’t the first, and the Game Boy had no discernible gender that I could see.

So let’s stop all this fuss about the name of the Switch Lite. It’s really making me switch off.
Tim F


No escape

Good feature on Konami at the weekend, but I think we’re fooling ourselves if we imagine they’re going to make any kind of effort with any of those games. I could maybe see them doing a big-ish budget version of Castlevania at some point but there’s no way they’re going to plough any money into Suikoden or even Silent Hill. Just look at that new Contra game: that looked terrible if you ask me and I bet it had a budget lower than most indie games.

That’s the kind of effort we’d be getting for any of these games if they did them, which they won’t. I’d wish for someone like Nintendo to just buy them out, but it seems their fitness club and gambling stuff is actually worth quite a bit of money so they probably never will. Not while they’re still making Metal Gear pachinko machines. It feels like all those old classics are being held hostage by their own parent.


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As reported on IGN, I’m of two minds over the pushback on the collaboration between Ubisoft and HitRecord but for now I’d probably have to agree with the approach of the studio here. Not on some moralistic value; objectively when you are creating a counter-culture themed title such as this, or even the original Watch Dogs, the creation of the anarchistic media prevalent throughout the game was clearly a fundamental aspect.

From the graffiti and art to the music and dialogue, for a fictionalised open world this required a substantial investment to bring it to life. It succeeded in my opinion, however certainly there was a more sanitised feel to what was on screen, in contrast to the images we see around us in the real world.

From what I understand here, irrespective of contracts and financial incentive, which in itself speaks somewhat against the counterculture and rebellious nature of what has been asked, it just seems from an objective standpoint a great concept to challenge and engage your user base to assist in creating this additional media.

Certainly it adds a more organic and personalised feel to the game and would encourage users to explore the open world to find their mark. Should there be recompense for the individual developers, should their work be selected? Of course. I’m not just sold on the notion of creators expecting to be treated as almost employees of Ubisoft, with the equivalence of salary or reward of employees.
ATBonfire (Facebook/Twitter/WordPress)

GC: Then Ubisoft shouldn’t expect to treat ordinary people as a source of free content.


Inbox also-rans

Send the chap to where they have multiple remakes of LucasArts games, including Secret Of Monkey Island 1 AND 2, all of which are on the cheap.

GC: Those are the last gen special editions for the first two games. While they are technically remakes, they’re clearly not the sort of 3D extravaganza the reader was imagining.

When will you be restoring your games release schedule, because it was removed last week?

GC: The release schedule page hasn’t changed its URL in seven years.


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gannet, who asks what video game franchise have you been playing the longest?

What series do you have the longest history with and what was the first and most recent entry you’ve played? Do you consider yourself a long-time fan of the series or is it simply that most of the games are high quality?

How many entries have you played and do you own any related merchandise? Do you consider yourself to be loyal to the franchise and do you always plan to buy new games, even when they’re spin-offs, if they’re part of the series?

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