Games Inbox: Have you tried to go back to Fallout 76?

The morning Inbox is concerned a lack of sequels could stifle innovation, as one reader is worried about Shenmue III’s budget.

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All part of the plan

Just seen an interview Bethesda’s Todd Howard that has made me really quite angry. The controversial bit is about Fallout 76 (as you might guess) and he says, and I quote, ‘We were ready for…a lot of those difficulties that ended up on the screen. We knew, hey look, this is not the type of game that people are used to from us and we’re going to get some criticism on it. A lot of that is very well-deserved criticism.’

Is it just me or is that a disgusting attitude to take? He’s basically admitting that they knew it was a mess, knew it wouldn’t review well (i.e. that it was terrible), and released it anyway. The plan was apparently just to fix it as they go and assume everyone would wait around for it – after having paid for it at launch of course.

The game was a flop, deservedly, but someone I bet they’ve got enough hardcore fans that they didn’t lose much money from it, if at all. So will they have learned their lesson? Will anyone else have been paying attention and learned? Somehow I doubt it.

With E3 coming up I was contemplating going back to the game to see if it had improved, but I just don’t think I can bring myself to do it. I’m only upset I didn’t buy it on disc so I could’ve sold. I feel conned and I’d be interested to see if anyone that did go back to it feels any other way.


Discouraging change

Is anyone else slightly disturbed at the idea of not having any more sequels? No one likes yearly sequels but there’s a balance here and none at all seems like it would encourage stagnation. Like the other reader said, without a proper sequel it’s difficult to take advantage of new hardware and graphics. Just think how little difference there was between The Last Of Us on PlayStation 3 and 4, compared to what Uncharted 4 looked like.

If you’ve got regular money coming in for a game, like Rainbow Six Siege or whatever, then where’s the incentive to change? You’ve essentially got the opposite and would have publishers terrified of changing anything unless they loose their regular income.

Maybe that would work for an online game but it still seems unhealthy to me. A lot of things are going to change in the next generation and I’ve got a feel we’re all going to wish it was something as simple as loot boxes and pointless 4K posturing.


The Bydo Empire Strikes Back

For those that are interested (and I know that will include GC) the Kickstarter for R-Type Final 2 has just gone live. For reasons I cannot work out though it’s only going to last seven days. It’s got a relatively modes goal of around $400,000 but I’m not sure why they’d want to take the risk of not making it. But it’s already at $150,000 as of Monday evening so hopefully they know what they’re doing. But I don’t see how they’re going to reach a $3.5 million stretch goal in a week, unless Bill Gates is a secret R-Type fan.

Seeing people lament about the state of real-time strategy games I can shmup fans can’t be too upset as we do get a fairly regular stream of indie shooters, many of which are good. Official sequels to famous franchises are very rare though, and because R-Type was only made by a little company I never thought we’d see it again, but here we are… kind of.

For those that haven’t played it R-Type Final is a fantastic shooter and a really great introduction to the genre. I imagine the sequel will be made with fans in mind but I’d like to think the team won’t make it stupidly hard or anything. Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re especially good at them, after all!


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A good day

RE: Matt Kirk. Not only is there a Divinity game (Original Sin II) that GC gave 10/10, the definitive edition is on sale at The Game Collection for a shocking £13.95 and still in stock for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the time of writing.

Thanks to reader Daz Bome for pointing this out to me at the weekend. At that price for a such a well received, relatively recent and massive release there’s no excuse for anyone to ignore it other than they already own it.

I don’t even have time to play it and have never played a computer role-playing game before, but I suspect I’ll be thanking GC and its readers whenever I get a chance to get stuck in.
PS: I also picked up a digital copy of South Park: The Stick Of Truth on Switch for a measly £15. To top it off, it was last Saturday when I bought these games and I later won £30 on the Lotto!


Super Slasher Bros.

I certainly like the idea of Ash and The Terminator as DLC for Mortal Kombat.

Takes me back to a teenaged game idea I once had where you’d have a fighting game stuffed with horror icons, from both major to minor so you could finally put Jason Vorhees against Maniac, as legendarily portrayed by Joe Spinell in the eponymous film, or Michael Myers against a cult character like Cropsy from The Burning or Dr Freudstein from The House By The Cemetery.

Sadly, the days of me being half decent at fighting games are long gone. Sigh.


Once a week

Watching the video that Guppy posted in Monday morning’s Inbox gave me some nostalgic flashbacks. Not of that actual show, as I’ve never seen that in my life, but it brought back sentiments of waiting excitedly for a whole week to go by for a show about video games to come on TV again. From Bad Influence! to GamesMaster, then Cybernet whenever a videogame programme came on TV it felt special.

I remember Bad Influence! just suddenly disappearing from TV. I could be wrong but I think it was shortly after the show did a feature on a device that let you copy SNES games onto floppy disc. Violet Berlin said after you’d done that, you could just throw away the original cartridge to save space. Even back then I knew that saving space wouldn’t be its primary use for most of the people who got hold of one!

I wasn’t that hot on Bits as it wasn’t something you could comfortable watch with your mum and dad especially when they featured certain risqué games.

By the time Videogame Nation got into its stride on Challenge TV things were a bit different because of the Internet and my age. I tried to watch it weekly but sometimes just forgot it was on. Although, I really appreciated the effort Videogame Nation went through with their sets, often dressing them with a theme around their reviews. One of the most memorable being for I think Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag; they had a multitude of wine bottles laid around with candles in them illuminating the set and really enhancing the atmosphere.


Big budget dreams

I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that Shenmue III has been delayed again. Although at least it got relatively close to release this time, which hopefully means its slowly creeping towards… being finished. I remain dubious about the whole project though. Shenmue I was the most expensive video game ever at the time, and stayed that way for a long while. But the third game isn’t going to be anywhere close to that.

It’s not the overall amount of money that’s important but the relative amount that would ensure this is the best-looking game around with resources to spare in terms of incidental details and pet features. I just don’t see how Shenmue III has that and a reasonable sized open world. In fact, I bet it has neither.

Unless Yu Suzuki has transformed into some demon manager able to work miracles with limited resources, but I don’t think that was ever his speciality.


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Fair dues

Okay. I have decided to get the Mortal Kombat 11 season pass. Oof. It’ll hurt – it’s what? £33? I am very conflicted about this. I already paid good coin for the game, new – so NetherRealm and Warner Bros. definitely got their pound of flesh from me already.

The same goes for the entire genre, really. Extra characters are on the one hand definitely worth paying money for and on the other such a vital component of the game – especially for online and esports types – that shouldn’t they be free? Or, if not free, at the very least charged at a trivial price like a quid?

But I saw that Shang Tsung trailer and my nostalgia gland nearly exploded. Sindel is coming too, my favourite female character in the series and second fave overall behind Sub-Zero. And Spawn! Such an obvious fit for this series that I’m surprised it’s taken so long to happen!

And hey, Dead Or Alive 6 is still way worse. Over £70 for just one character and… costumes? Seriously, Tecmo? Yep, they’re serious about it alright.

GC: There’s quite a difference between £70 and free, and neither extreme makes any sense.


Inbox also-rans

The thing I find weird about Sony not being at E3 is that their 2016 show was basically the one thing that sealed the PlayStation 4’s victory. It seems really odd that they would turn their back on that and give Microsoft an open goal to do the same.

The Evil Dead/Mortal Kombat ‘secret’ takes another blow.
The Light Knight


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What are you resigned to not hearing about and what do you think will end up being the biggest news from the show this year? What unannounced games do you think might be revealed and what previously unseen ones do you think will make the biggest splash?

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