Games Inbox: Is it worth getting an Xbox One or PS4 on Black Friday?

The Tuesday Inbox debates Breath Of The Wild’s Zelda ranking, as one reader gets bored of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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Late to the party
This is probably a silly question but is it worthwhile buying an Xbox One X and or a PlayStation 4 now? I know both consoles have only got probably a year left in them but there are some good deals on at the minute.

I own a Xbox One, which is working perfectly, but I never got round to buying a PlayStation 4.

I have a 4K TV and this has made me think about getting my hands on one.

So what do you think? Buy or wait?!

GC: It primarily depends on what games you want to play, so if you’ve already got an Xbox One a PlayStation 4 makes more sense. There’s a good chance you’ll get a decent deal on Black Friday at the end of the month.


Killer app
Just wanted to talk about Stadia, which is due this month. When I heard of Stadia around 2018 with some podcasters in the USA testing the streaming there was nothing but praise, i.e. it seemed to work. Play at home, pause, go to work, open browser and continue again in your lunchbreak.

This for me this was a must have day one, I felt that if I could get one hour of gaming in my lunchbreak this would be fantastic and I pre-ordered it after Google did their special event some months back.

Roll into November and I’ve cancelled my pre-order and with Google, who are now revising what they initially told us. Your controller will not now be connecting via your Wi-Fi until probably next year, the controller has some useful options but only when connected to Wi-Fi, it’s looking very much like Google are/have rushed out the Stadia, why? It’s not like they are competing against the next gen consoles until Christmas 2020, only Microsoft’s streaming service which is still going through its testing period with no release date given as of yet.

I have been lucky enough to get an invite onto Microsoft’s mobile streaming service and this has worked fantastic for me over Wi-Fi and mobile data.

So this has definitely put a nail in the coffin of the Stadia for me, as we will also be able to stream our own digital games library from the Xbox which, for me is the killer selling point.

Next year is going to be a crazy year for gamers with Sony-Microsoft-Google releasing new hardware. For me I’ll sit back, look forward to hearing about the new consoles, see if people do fall in love with Stadia or see if it crashes and burns very quickly!
Mark (msrangers999)
PS: While I’m here can I try and grab that 40% PlayStation 4 discount code kindly offered by Oni-Samurai. I’ve been neglecting my PlayStation 4, preferring to use the Xbox with Game Pass, so would be nice to show my PlayStation 4 I hadn’t forgotten about them!

GC: We’ll send it over but as the letter below suggests, it may not work.


Sealing the deal
In response to Oni-Samurai’s offer of a 40% off code, I believe – having received a couple of these myself – that they are tied to the PSN ID to which they are sent (am fairly sure it says something to this effect in the accompanying email), so I’m not sure that passing it on will be of any use. I’d be interested to hear if that’s not the case, however.

That said, it does raise a point worth knowing; that if you put a game in your PS Store shopping cart and leave it there, then after a day or two Sony seem to send you one of these codes. My first was for 25%, which I didn’t get round to using, and I’ve since had one for 40% which I did. I had a friend test this recently, and he also received a code for 25% in short order. Whether they keep sending them after you first use one/they steadily escalate in value remains to be seen…


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What the WMD?
Well, after reading the GC review for Death Stranding I have to say WTF? Fair enough wanting to make a non-violent video game but surely it’s not fair to give you the option to kill only for the dead body to turn into a WMD, I’m not surprised the game turned out to be so weird but it has put me off buying it to be honest. I don’t even know what I was expecting the game to be like.

But I’m not a fan of walking simulators in the first place so it definitely not for me.
PS: Just want to say how much I’m enjoying Luigi’s Mansion 3. The graphics really are superb and the gameplay is a lot of fun once you get a hang of the controls. It’s a tad easy but there seems to be a lot of secrets to uncover so it should last a decent while. On the whole I’m very happy with it.

GC: The bodies exploding aren’t a practical problem, it’s just an excuse for the lack of lethal weapons. You don’t even get a proper gun until about a two-thirds of the way through.


Disappointing Fantasy
The most disappointing games for me would be the Final Fantasy series (sorry all you fans). I’ve played quite a few of them, but each time I just come away frustrated by the mechanics and wondering what is so good about the characterisation.

I think the latter probably comes from not managing to view their whole journey, but even though I’ve enjoyed a few Japanese role-playing games over the years, Final Fantasy is a series that has left me cold. Final Fantasy VII is actually the worst one for me in that respect, as I could never beat an early boss no matter which heroes/skills I tried, making it the worst, not best, of the series for me. I hope the Final Fantasy VII Remake is as good as the fans want, but with all the games in my backlog I’ll not be adding it to the list.


No true Zelda fan
I was disappointed to read that vitriolic letter from that ‘Zelda player’ who didn’t agree with the Reader’s Feature at the weekend.

I did find it odd though, as I’m not a fan of Breath Of The Wild and this is because I don’t feel it is really a Zelda game, so for him to say a person wasn’t a true Zelda player for not liking Breath Of The Wild was pretty baffling to me.

Breath Of The Wild has none of the detailed dungeons and puzzles that make a game a Zelda game, nor the unique game-changing items that allow for further exploration of the game, nor does it have the decent boss battles that also utilise these items in a clever and unique way.

know it has those shrines, but they’re all very lazy, short, not very complicated, and are just not comparable. The bosses were very weak and disappointing, and so were the dungeons (what there was of them). The weapons are all just variants of the same few basic archetypes, and the wear on them is another tedious feature.

I also didn’t particularly enjoy all the traversing, especially having to climb mountains in the rain, which was a very frustrating experience (until you maxed out your stamina or what not, and even then it was tedious).

I know you could argue that the first couple of Zeldas on the NES and the ones on the CD-i or what not don’t work in the same way either, but I would say they’re not strong points in the franchise either, and don’t have what make Zeldas truly great. Majora’s Mask was very leftfield, but still managed to feel like a Zelda game in its own way.

Yes, Breath Of The Wild may be a good survival game and a good open world game, but those things aren’t what I believe make a good Zelda game.

The game isn’t even in my top three Zeldas, perhaps not even my top five. I could make a quip that, ironically, the person writing that letter wasn’t a true Zelda fan, since he got so aggressive about defending one of the least Zelda-like game in the series, especially in recent times, but I don’t think people like that are worth spending any more time on than I have writing this letter.

That and that I have achieved it in a back-handed way anyway.
TickTockRob (gamertag/PSN ID/SW-5541-5798-6105)

GC: The irony is that the reader really liked Breath Of The Wild and was just trying to decide whether it was better than Ocarina Of Time or not.


Modern attention span
Is anyone already getting a little bored of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare? The campaign was good but the multiplayer is the least changed of the three modes and Spec Ops is outright bad I would say. The overall package is good value but I have to admit I’m not really feeling as invested as I expected to at this point.

After all the reboots and revamps the fact is Call Of Duty is still the same game underneath and I’m starting to think I’ve had my fill.


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Representative number
Wow, I thought the Rick and Morty fanbase was unstable at times.

I’m happy to state I haven’t really enjoyed Zelda games after the the N64 titles (tried most, didn’t have much fun with any except The Wind Waker which if I remember was panned by many at the time).

I’d hate to be lumped in with someone that can’t take criticism of his pet games without that kind of outburst.

I love Shenmue, I know that a majority of people don’t really like it, get it or find it remotely entertaining, yet it doesn’t bother me. I’d give it a solid 7.5/10 myself, as it did have some major flaws and deeply mundane aspects as well as woeful voice-acting but I like it, I don’t really care if others don’t. Some folk like Lady Gaga, some like Avocado on toast. It’s OK not to like these things, but getting angry when people don’t share your view is highly worrying. God help the Inbox when someone writes in to say they hated Death Stranding. If Nintendo fanboys seem bad, they’re nothing in comparison to Kojima-philes. Why do some take it as an affront or a direct attack for simply not liking a thing they do?

For what it’s worth I enjoyed the article that caused the umbrage, and it echoed a few of my own thoughts which I’ve been shot down for when making a comment. Was nowhere near a 10/10 for me, but if it was for others, so be it. I don’t agree with many review scores, although I’ll often agree with the review itself. If I ever opened a review site I’d do away with scores and hope the reader could make their own mind up based on the review.

If a review is concise and well put together, a score is rarely needed but I do get they’re important for sales what with Metacritic, etc. and impatient folk unwilling to read much. However, quite often they contradict the review anyway. It can seem like they’ve been diplomatically altered by some editor that wouldn’t allow a 6.2 to be posted on some AAA blockbuster which seems to happen a lot on exclusives I’ve noticed, the review stays but the score seems to be massively at odds with it.

For example, boring, repetitive, not fun to play postal service simulator, couldn’t even finish the game it was so dull – 10/10. Hmm. So glad to see GC didn’t pander like most of the other sites, their review matches the score (maybe to me it reads as a 6/10) but that’s close enough.

GC: We definitely did consider a 6/10 for Death Stranding but despite it all we found the majority of the game relatively compelling; it was a fairly close-run thing though.


Inbox also-rans
RE: Breath Of The Wild. I have been playing for two years, still looking for Korok and shrines. Are there any more tricks like whistling to make fish jump?
75yrs old granny

GC: Have you tried flying? There are lots of YouTube videos about it.

This is really strange seeing Mario from Super Mario 64 running around the Zelda: Ocarina Of Time game.
Andrew J.


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How do you feel about sequels in general and how much do you look forward to them compared to original games? If the series in question got another sequel afterwards did you play that, and how did you feel about that?

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