Games Inbox: Nintendo Switch 2022 games line-up

The Monday Inbox worries that PlayStation fans are more prone to anger than any other, as one reader replays Super Mario 64.

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Switching to next year
With Microsoft and Sony setting out their stalls for Christmas I’m more interested to know what Nintendo has planned in the near future. Although they have the OLED model and niche titles like Advance Wars their only really big games are Metroid Dread and the Pokémon Diamond/Pearl remakes, so another fairly quiet Christmas for them.

But what comes after? We know of Pokémon Legends: Arceus in January and that’s it officially. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 is supposed to be out sometime in the year but it’s been delayed once already and has no specific date. It’s the same deal with Splatoon 3, which we’ve not heard anything on since it was first announced. There’s also Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonneta 3, which were both announced years ago and haven’t been seen since – and they’re not even promised for next year.

As for what could come out that hasn’t been confirmed that new Donkey Kong game rumour seemed very believable but they completely ignored the anniversary so it’s almost impossible to guess at, other than the Super Mario team haven’t done anything in a while and that does seem an obvious way to go.

The thing with Nintendo though is that you never even know when they’ll announce something. Sony and Microsoft never go too long without a showcase but there wasn’t a Nintendo Direct for two years at one point. Will it be the same again?
PS: And what about an Animal Crossing: New Horizons update? That game has just been left to die and it’s really crazy.

Battle of the fans
How comes it’s only ever PlayStation fans you hear about going crazy with the internet hate? This latest story, about doxing the guy who said the new model of PlayStation 5 was worse, is just the latest in a long line of incidents but I don’t remember ever hearing anything similar from Xbox fans.

I would’ve thought them being behind would’ve driven them to distraction but apparently not. Are they just used to being behind and PlayStation fans are not, so they get funny at any suggestion the PlayStation 5 might come out on top?

Nintendo fans are certainly used to ups and downs and it never seems to bother them. I don’t even remember things being this bad with Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3, where for most of the time Xbox was out in front. Have fans just got more unhinged or is newer social media like Twitter and Reddit making it easier for them to get worked up?

Original and best?
With all this talk of Red Dead Redemption 2 what does everybody think of the first game? I liked Red Dead Redemption 2 but I can see why people would not like it. I thought the first game was a lot better story and
gameplay in my opinion.
Andrew J.
PS: I am thinking of buying a friend an Xbox gift voucher or digital Xbox game, do you know if you can get a physical gift card online? Or could I have a digital gift card or digital game delivered on a certain day? So I can order now and then it will arrive on the day. You can pre-order Amazon gift cards to deliver on their birthday or whatever celebration.

GC: Amazon and GAME, and no doubt others, have them so it’s just a question of getting them to arrive on the right day.

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Watching the tea leaves
Well, four days till Sony’s showcase. I’ve got a feeling the first game will be next gen GTA 5 with extra content for PlayStation 5 and a date of release and pushing it might be on PlayStation 5 for 30 days before Xbox Series X. I’ve got a feeling Horizon Forbidden West will have a new trailer.

I also think Call Of Duty: Vanguard will be shown in more detail, with more multiplayer and confirmation that DLC will stay with PlayStation for 30 days and they will end it with the new God Of War, with their first ever game trailer.

I also think with Xbox Series X showing off their racing game you know they’re going to show off Gran Turismo 7 in all its glory. Only time will tell to see if the graphics will hold up to Xbox. If I’m lucky a new Spider-Man or a new game altogether mite be on show. Let’s see if I’m right.

True ending
Just came across your article about Far Cry 5 and its ending.

I agree and disagree.

It is indeed the worst ending for a game like Far Cry 5. All the time we spent in Hope County was for nothing. It is sad to see some of our companions dying, others made it through and we see them again in Far Cry: New Dawn.

On the other hand, every ending is a new beginning and that’s where Far Cry: New Dawn starts.

In my opinion, the ending of Far Cry: New Dawn is the real ending of Far Cry 5.

4 the profits
RE: Horizon Forbidden West price. So I think the thing that irks me about Sony’s pricing strategy is that it feels greedy. Sony are on fire, sales of consoles and software are better than ever, and as they go into a new generation they are continuing to hoover up billions each quarter from their take from PSN sales.

Charging higher for PlayStation 5 games already rubbed me up the wrong way, but now their convoluted upgrade strategy and high prices for Horizon Forbidden West just seems backwards to me.

It feels like they have players emotionally invested in their games so feel they can charge unnecessarily high prices or ‘twice’ for a game and players will actually defend them, as seen by letters to your Inbox.

I can’t fault their business strategy as they’re on course to dominate another generation but it’s a big aspect that’s holding me off buying a PlayStation 5.

That and they’re impossible to buy.
DarKerR (gamertag)

Stealing time
I’m a bit late with last week’s Hot Topic as, appropriately enough, I’ve not had time. Since my baby was born 18 months I’ve had, at best, one to two hours per night, between his bed and ours. I said a few weeks ago I was chomping at the bit to play Psychonauts 2 – so far I’ve clocked in three hours total, which isn’t bad actually.

I’ve actually become a phone gamer more by necessity. Polytopia has replaced Civilization 6 and Carpet Bomber has replaced action games.

Maybe another parent can confirm or deny but hopefully this gets better as they get older!
Dogen’s Brain

Two decades later
20 years. That’s how long it has been since I last played Super Mario 64. So naturally upon returning to this seminal game the nostalgia was profound. What I wasn’t prepared for though was how well this game has aged both aesthetically and gameplay wise.

Sure, the limitations and nuisances of the camera have become accentuated through the decades, and Mario’s movements are no longer as laser precise and responsive as they were in 1996/7, and some of the levels are a little too rudimentary in their mission structuring for my liking.

However, the interlinked elegance of Princess Peach’s castle, the clarity of vision and imagination in the disparate worlds, and simply how innately fun and intuitive the game still is to play amazes me.

I can’t wait to introduce Super Mario 64 to my nephews and niece and explain how important it was in shaping 3D games as we know them today!
Galvanized Gamer

Inbox also-rans
I’m so annoyed I didn’t save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077, based on what Johnny Silverhand was telling me. Reminds me of how you save Shadow in Final Fantasy 6. Voice acting is top notch.

I don’t know if Far Cry 5’s ending is my least favourite ever, but I did think it was cruel of Ubisoft to model a character on Jared Leto and not let me kill him.

Good shout from Andee in the Inbox about the old Japanese film Hausu (House). To say it’s ‘out there’ would be a massive understatement. It’s well worth a watch.
Chevy Malibu (PSN ID)

GC: After its mention, we’ve made arrangements to see it this weekend.

With the shortages of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and reports of shortages until 2023, this feels more like a mid-generation upgrade like PS4 Pro and we might as well wait a few more years until PlayStation 6 and Xbox Triangle Cos Sin or whatever they call it.

GC: Continued shortages are only likely to extend the time until the next generation (if there is one). You could be looking at 2028 before there’s any word on the PlayStation 6.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cubby, who asks what has been your favourite Achievement or Trophy to unlock in a video game?

It doesn’t matter whether they were difficult or not, but which one did you enjoy doing the most and which did you think was particularly well designed or just had a funny name or concept? What is the secret of a good achievement and which developers are particularly good or bad at them?

What factors encourage you to try and get achievements and what’s the most effort you’ve ever put into unlocking one?

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