Games Inbox: Who is the most famous video game developer?

The Evening Inbox enjoys the pleasures of a well thought out Platinum Trophy, as one reader takes issue with Final Fight 3’s name.

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Superstar developer

With the recent debate over Hideo Kojima, Metal Gear, and Death Stranding it made me wonder who the most famous video game developer today is, and all I can think of is Japanese developers. There’s Shigeru Miyamoto, who I think is probably the most famous, Hidetaka Miyazaki (I had to look up that spelling), Hideki Kamiya, Suda51, SWERY, and Yu Suzuki. But I really struggle when trying to think of Western equivalents.

I don’t think that’s just my bias towards the games I like though because all I’m coming up with is really old dudes like Sid Meier, Gabe Newell (who hasn’t made anything in decades), Will Wright (ditto), John Romero, and Peter Molyneux. Except perhaps Sid Meier I don’t think any of them are really still working at anything like their former level and I’m not sure who is replacing them.

I mean, who even makes GTA and Fortnite? Only one of the Houser brothers works on GTA directly anymore and he’s just a writer and I haven’t heard or read anything about anyone that works on Fortnite. The excuse for not making developers famous is that it’s a team effort but I don’t really buy that. We’ve seen recently just how badly publishers treat their team so I think they just don’t want any one person getting too big for their boots. Which means a lot of talented people aren’t getting their fair due.


Good first point

To Tatertot, who guessed that people are only excited about Death Stranding because it’s a PlayStation exclusive, basing this on the logic that none of the Metal Gear games have been big in terms of review.

Please google any of the Metal Gear games and look at the aggregate reviews (or better yet, play them). I’m not really a Kojima fanboy (the plots in his games are frequently incomprehensible) and I’m reserving judgement on Death Stranding until I’ve played it but felt the need to stick up for a series of games that are often excellent.

And for the reader who wondered which to play, I’d go with V. The plot is fittingly arcane but when the gameplay starts clicking it’s of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve ever had.
PS: First time contributor!


Make it better

I get the feeling I’m the only one who’s actually looking forward to the MediEvil remake. I liked the series a lot back in the day, but it’s clear that it’s aged badly, as is common with early 3D games. I firmly believe it would benefit a lot more, both graphically and mechanically, from being remade than something like Jak And Daxter would (I like Jak And Daxter, but those games have held up a lot better, as a lot of games from that generation have. Plus, Naughty Dog seem to want to be known as the Oscar bait studio now).

Remaking more obscure or badly-received games from back in the day, giving games that showed promise but didn’t quite reach it back in the day, is something I want to see happen more often, not just in games but in any creative industry.
Andrew Middlemas

GC: That’s very true actually. It’s always better to remake a bad film into a good one, so the same should follow for games too.


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Never final

So Lucia from Final Fight 3 being announced as DLC for Street Fighter V got me thinking as to how Capcom were being rather disingenuous with the series name. Frankly, I think they should immediately retitle the original Final Fight to Antepenultimate Fight, Final Fight 2 to Penultimate Fight, and Final Fight 3 can just become Final Fight. Although I guess to avoid confusion with the first game, and keeping in with the theme, it should just be called Ultimate Fight and have done with it.

They may not be quite such catchy names but it’s worth it to ‘final-ly’ get the clarity we consumers deserve. Besides which that’s marketing’s problem. Sort it Capcom!
Meestah Bull

GC: We thought you were saying antediluvian at first, which would be more Cadillacs And Dinosaurs’ side of things.


Corpse blasting

I’m going to kick myself when you explain it to me but what/where/how does Blast Corps form a pun? I’ve never noticed it before and I still can’t see it now and it’s going to bug me every time I think about it.

Sorry for being such a moron GC.

Love from Croatia.

GC: You’re not missing anything if you already pronounce ‘corps’ correctly, which makes it sound like Blast Core. Many people mistakenly pronounce ‘corps’ as similar to ‘corpse’ though, which doesn’t really work.


Offline policy

I’ve just pre-ordered the Pokémon edition Switch Lite at GAME without the need to purchase the upcoming Pokémon game with it.

I simply told the store it was a present for somebody and that they already have Pokémon Sword on pre-order at that store, but in all honesty although my hustle is in fact the truth I don’t think it was even necessary.
Bad Edit

GC: We think the shops often have different prices and policies to the website.


Out of warranty

RE: Faulty consoles. I bought a three game and Dreamcast console pack at the end of 2000 and it came with Sonic Adventure 1, a Tomb Raider game, and a sports game. I think I bought it from the online shop Gameplay, who I don’t think are going any more.

When I played Sonic Adventure 1 it worked perfectly but when I tried the other games one didn’t work and
one worked intermittently, so I phoned Sega customer support and they said I had a faulty console and when I got a replacement it played any Dreamcast games that I played on it.
Andrew J.


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Thoughtful Achievements

Managed to get the Platinum Trophy on Shadow Of The Colossus remake the other day, to add to my small but well-earned platinums of Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Bioshock, Hotline Miami, and 100% of Beyond Good & Evil and Runner2. It was a nice platinum to try for and reminded how much extra value and enjoyment a well curated list of Trophies/Achievements can give.

It took a reasonable 24 hours total playtime. The hardest trophy, kill all colossi in normal and hard time attack to get all items on one save, required you to get to a decent level of the game without being punishingly demanding. So many Trophy lists feel like the old trick of making arcade games overly hard to get you to put more money in except the currency is hours played now. So it’s nice when a Trophy list feels like it’s been well thought out and focused on making it a hard but enjoyable chase for the player and not a manipulative tool to keep those who are into trophies playing.

Hotline Miami was favourite one. The Get A Life trophy, Get A+ on all chapters, meant I had to go from a defensive to aggressive play style while experimenting with the masks. I think it made me play how the creators of the game wanted it to be played as it made the game feel far more exciting playing this way. Was wondering what other readers’ favourite all Achievements/platinums were.

GC: It’s probably about time we did that as a Hot Topic again.


Inbox also-rans

If it wasn’t for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 logos in the teaser trailer I’d say it was obvious that Elden Ring was going to be a next gen game. It’s got to be cross-gen at least but if it’s not coming out for more than a year, as seems likely, I’d feel happier knowing it was being held back by old technology.

Just saw Retro Studios tweeting for an art director for Metroid Prime 4. If they haven’t even got someone for that job yet it can’t be anywhere near finished. I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll even be on the Switch at all…


This week’s Hot Topic

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Cranston, who asks who’s your favourite video game villain?

No matter what game they’re from what bad guy do you love to hate the most? It can be anything from the main villain of the story to a cannon fodder grunt, but we want to know which one you have the strongest feelings about – whether it’s an enemy that makes an impression through the storyline or purely the gameplay.

What makes a memorable video game enemy and do they need a complex backstory or is it enough for them to just be a dangerous in-game foe?

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