Games with Gold October 2019: Great Xbox Live news ahead of Xbox One free games

Microsoft will announce the Games with Gold October 2019 lineup before the end of September.

And while these new titles have yet to be revealed, we also know that they will include at least two Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

This is the set formula used by the tech giant each month when it comes to offering their Xbox Live Gold bonuses.

Unfortunately, we can’t be as sure of the date on which these announcements will be made.

In 2019, Microsoft has chosen to make its big Xbox One announcements closer to the end of the month.

So if we were going to guess on a time frame, We would predict the last Sunday (29th) or Monday (30th) of September.

There also hasn’t been much in the way of leaks, so we can’t be sure what will be replacing Hitman, and We Were Here.

September has continued the theme of AAA games being offered, and Xbox Live Gold members will be hoping for more next month.

October last year saw Overcooked! And Victor Vran featured, so it’s anyone’s guess until we get more information from Microsoft.

It follows some great Xbox Live Gold news for fans looking to try out a new game before the big launch.

The Microsoft Store has been updated with new demos to try out for no extra charge.

Earlier this month saw the launch of the official FIFA 20 demo, with the full game scheduled to arrive later this week.

And now gamers have access to some more eye-catching games for Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Xbox Live subscribers can currently download the Contra: Rogue Corps demo, which comes before the launch of the full game later this week.

The Microsoft Store describes it as an online trial that will require under 5GB of space on your Xbox console.

And it also comes with some notable limitations which won’t be present in the full game.

The online Contra demo only features the single-player mode, meaning you can’t team up quite yet.

And any progress earned in the online demo cannot be transferred to the full game, meaning it’s a standalone experience.

“Contra is back! Two years after the alien wars ended, the damned city erupts from the final battleground,” the official game description reads.

“From the midst of the chaos, a group of scoundrels emerge. They might not be typical heroes, but they’re here to save the world… or get rich trying.

“Pre-order to get two t-shirt skins for Hungry Beast, one featuring the iconic duo Bill and Lance, the other featuring the classic Contra logo.”

The full game also includes Local and Online CO-OP action for up to 4 players, four playable characters, 100 buildable weapons, and bionic body parts earned in-mission.

Gamers also have plenty of time to download the current Games with Gold selection from the Microsoft Store.

This includes the complete first season of Hitman, with plenty of Agent 47 action available.

Broken down episodically, the collection features all of the challenges and contracts assigned to Agent 47 in multiple worldwide locations including Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado and Hokkaido.

This will be replaced on October 1 by a new game on Xbox One, followed by another on September 16.

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