GeForce Now Will Stream Game Awards Demos

The Game Awards is bringing exclusive streaming demos to PC with Nvidia’s Geforce Now. During this year’s show, you’ll be able to play upcoming games shown off during the event instantly via Nvidia’s service.

Earlier today, Geoff Keighley announced the partnership with Nvidia would help bring tomorrow’s games to players now. “We’re working to build a nextgen consumer event accessible to everyone globally,” Keighley stated. “Streaming demos from the cloud is a big step forward!”

You can read up on details about the Game Awards and Nvidia partnership in the below tweet.

There is, however, no information as to what games will streamable during The Game Awards. That’s likely the case because, well, they’ll get world premiers or announcements during the show. With the likes of Dragon Age 4 set to show off gameplay at The Game Awards this year, the possibilities for some mega hits to make it on Nvidia’s service are well within the cards. Of course, this is purely speculation on our part.

Of course, you’ll need a Geforce Now account to access these demos. Right now, there are two paid subscriptions on the service. There’s a $4.99 USD per month option that gives you priority access, extended session lengths, and RTX ON capabilities. However, a better deal comes in the $24.95 for six months package that comes with all the bells and whistles of the prior subscription but with a one-month savings benefit. There is a free account option, too, if you want to try the service out first, but it comes with limited access and long queue times to play games. You can read more about how Gefore Now streaming works here.

Cool as this festival might be, it’s hard to cave and buy a subscription when we know so little about what to expect. One would hope both indie and AAA titles will be available, but there’s not even a hint of what to expect. Hopefully, more details come before Thursday, December 10, when The Game Awards 2020 premiers.

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