Genshin Impact 3.0 Update Stream Coming August 13

Genshin Impact is holding its next Special Program Livestream on August 13. With update 2.8 drawing to a close, this event will help usher in the game’s next big update, Version 3.0. It promises to reveal “juicy details” about the update, as well as some redemption code “drops”. You can check out the livestream on Genshin’s Twitch beginning at 8 AM (UTC-4).

Over the past month, developer MiHoYo has been ramping up excitement for Version 3.0 by releasing small details. We already know that the update will introduce players to the mysterious Sumera region. This nation is overseen by Lesser Lord Kusanali or The Flower God and is also the home of the Sumera Akademiya.

Along with the new region, the update will introduce the long-awaited Dendro element. This element is currently the only one that no playable character can control within Genshin’s world. Plus, it has the ability to trigger a chain of multiple elemental reactions with just about every other element, which is sure to shake up combat.

Of course, as with every introduction of a new nation, a new host of characters are set to join the fray. One confirmed playable character coming with the update is Tighnari, who is rumored to be the first five-star exclusive character from the new region. The next playable character is Collei, a Dendro bow user who is rumored to be a four-star character. Finally, Dori, an Electro user who will also be a four-star character, rounds out the playable characters from Sumera.

Along with the new characters, three existing characters are set to receive banner re-runs. According to rumors circulating the Internet, Zhongli, Ganyu, and Kokomi will all be featured.

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