Genshin Impact: An Unwavering Culinary Dream Guide

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During the Version 3.0 update, Genshin Impact saw the release of its fourth main region, Sumeru. The rainforest area of the region was released during the update, and it also came with a long World Questline involving the Aranara. These are mystical creatures found exclusively in the rainforest.

After starting these quests, you'll be lost in the world of Aranara for a long time as you set on a journey to rescue a companion. An Unwavering Culinary Dream is one of these quests that will help you learn more about the world that not many people know about.

How To Unlock An Unwavering Culinary Dream

While the quest itself is quite a handful to deal with, the procedure to unlock this quest in the first place is not easy either. To start your journey, you will have to head over to the World Quest just above Vimara Village, as shown on the map above. Here, you'll find Rana in a troubled state.

This will kick off the first part of the Aranyaka questline. This part is pretty straightforward, and you need to keep following the process until you reach the second part. You will also have to clear a Withering area during this.

After that, proceed with the second part of the quest up until you reach the Aranara village. This will unlock a secret Statue Of The Seven in the northern region of Sumeru that will highlight the mentioned village. You're one of the lucky ones as not many people know about this area.

Here, you'll also meet Arama, who will tell you how to make the rest of the Aranara villagers less scared of you. Later on, you will meet Araji, and he will tell you what you need to do to get the Bija that can save Rana's life. You will also get the Aranyaka book here.

Finally, the main quest will get divided into a lot of sub-quest that you'll need to finish to progress with the Festival Utsava. This quest is one of them, and it can be unlocked in the Aranara village itself.

Teleport to the new Statue Of The Seven that you unlocked and head in the southwestern direction. If you've finished the required part of the Aranyaka quest, a bunch of World Quest logos will pop up on your mini-map. This will be the first one on the left side.

While it can be confusing with the number of quest icons, this quest will be given to you by Arapacati. She will be in front of her Aranara house looking for her four brothers.

How To Finish The Unwavering Culinary Dream Quest

Upon starting the quest by talking to Arapacati, you will learn that she's looking for Arachatora, Arasaka, Arapas, and Araphala since she doesn't want to celebrate the festival without her brothers. All of them went out to learn cooking, and it is now your task to find them all.

When the dialogue finishes, the map will have a huge yellow circle that will be your next destination. Teleport to the Statue Of The Seven in the southern direction of the circle and start looking for a line of smoke rising from an area.


Once you spot it, head directly to the origin of this smoke, and you'll find the first brother, Arachatora. He will tell you that he's been looking for a Head Mushroom that has currently been engulfed by Marana (Withering zone). To get to Festival Utsava, Arachatora asks for our help.

When you reach the place, you won't be able to interact with the Aranara as he'll be in a delirious state. To wake him up, you need to apply Dendro on him using any skills for the element.

After the dialogue, head deep within the ruins as you follow the blue marker. It will take you through the area where you had the puzzle with underwater Teleport Waypoint. Keep heading in from the little gap beside a cubic mechanism, and you'll see the Withering zone and the Head Mushroom.

Use the Dendrograna to clear three small Withering petals, defeat the Fungi that spawn, and you'll be able to clear the zone when you get close to the main petal. You can pick the Head Mushroom up afterward and head back to the area where you met Arachatora.

After eating the special dish the Aranara makes, which is particularly interesting and might make you sick, he will tell you the locations of the other three brothers before he heads to the village for the Utsava. Next, you'll be able to find the rest of the brothers.


You will get three different quests under An Unwavering Culinary Dream, and you can find the area Arasaka is located in by selecting the Cooking, a Pleasant Memory quest. Once done, head over to the Statue inside the yellow circle near Gandharva Ville.

Before moving after teleporting to the Statue, look to your right, and you'll see the smoke on the mountain beside you. Simply glide to it, since there is another Eremite-related World Quest that will start if you fall down in this area.

You won't be able to talk to Arasaka just yet though, but it also won't fix by applying Dendro to him. All you have to do is interact with the Zaytun Peaches that he's engrossed with. The interaction with Arasaka will be particularly interesting, and he will tell you about the 'Taste of happiness'.

To find the ingredient, head over to the yellow circle in Gandharva Ville and find a person named Iaanesh. You can follow the yellow trail that you get to reach the general area he's in, and he has a distinct persona, making it hard to miss.

After talking to him, you'll find out that the Taste of happiness mentioned by Arasaka is nothing but sugar. Head back over to Arasaka after being embarrassed in front of Iaanesh, and he will also make his specialty for you to taste. This will mark the end of this part as well, giving you a recipe.


Select the Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming quest to meet Arapas and help him get back in time for Festival Utsava as well. For this, you'll need to teleport to the Statue just above Apam Woods in the southern section of the Sumeru rainforest. Glide down towards the yellow circle.

As you get close to the smoke, you will be able to grapple directly to it, but you won't find Arapas there. You can read the Leaf with Careless Penmanship in the camp, but it's not necessary.

Press the Investigate button on the stove in the camp, and you'll eat the food that was carefully created by Arapas after a lot of struggles. Once it's in your stomach, the Aranara will show up and scold you for eating it without his permission.

To make up for it, Arapas will ask you to go down to the waterfall in the river and get him the 'Living Spring' even after knowing you're his sister's friend. When you head down, you'll find a yellow aura guarded by some Crocodiles that you'll have to defeat.

After getting the Living Spring, you can head back to the camp by using the grapples, and Arapas will let you taste your soup once again. Just like every other Aranara dish, it won't be good but will give you a new recipe. After that, Arapas will also make his way to the village, leaving only one brother.


Finally, you can head to the Teleport Waypoint on the northern edge of Devantaka Mountain and use a series of grapples to get back up towards the yellow circle. Once you're there, you will see the smoke rising up from another ditch, leading you to another empty camp.

You won't find Araphala at the camp, but upon reading the Leaf, you will find out that it has something to do with Sunsettia. You will also have to defeat the Ruin Drake guarding the camp to make it easier for you later on.

Right beside the campfire with a stove on it, you will see a trail of Sunsettias leading into a cave. Follow them while you pick up the Sunsettias, even though that's not necessary. You will find Araphala sleeping by a tree branch, and you can apply Dendro to him to wake him up.

After talking to him, head back to the camp where you fought the Ruin Drake and taste the final Aranara dish, as you get the final recipe as well. Once all this is done, Araphala will also make his way to the village, where you'll also have to go to finish the quest.

The End

Head back over to the same hut where you got the quest from Arapacati near the village Statue. You'll see her with Aracatora, Arapas, Arasaka, and Araphala. Talk to the cute little Aranara to reach the end of An Unwavering Culinary Dream.

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