Genshin Impact: Ascension Materials For Dori

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Genshin Impact's Dori may be a healer, but she can pack quite the punch in her burst. Alongside her Jinni sidekick, she can be an adorable addition to your team roster.

Sumeru’s underground merchant only got the chance to shine a few times in our Traveler’s story, but it’s certainly not the last we’ll see of her. To either prepare for her eventual arrival to your team roster or get a rundown on what you are going to need, here’s your fast take on what to hunt for to level up your Electro Claymore Healer.

Dori's Ascension Materials

Below are all the materials needed for Dori to ascend to the maximum level.

Ascension Phase Maximum Level Crystal World Boss Drops Regional Specialty Mob Drops Mora Required
0 LV 20 1 Valjrada Amethyst Sliver N/A 3 Kalpalata Lotus 3 Faded Red Satin 20,000
1 LV 40 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments 2 Thunderclap Fruitcore 10 Kalpalata Lotus 15 Faded Red Satin 40,000
2 LV 50 6 Valrada Amethyst Fragments 4 Thunderclap Fruitcore 20 Kalpalata Lotus 12 Trimmed Red Silk 60,000
3 LV 60 3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunks 8 Thunderclap Fruitcore 30 Kalpalata Lotus 18 Trimmed Red Silk 80,000
4 LV 70 6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunks 12 Thunderclap Fruitcore 45 Kalapalata Lotus 12 Rich Red Brocade 100,000
5 LV 80 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones 20 Thunderclap Fruitcore 60 Kalpalata Lotus 24 Rich Red Brocade 120,000
6 LV 90 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Where To Find Dori's Ascension Materials

Most of Dori’s ascension materials can be collected at the Electro Regisvine Boss located southeast of Mawtiyima Forest in Sumeru.

Valrada Amethyst and the Thunderclap Fruitcore can both be dropped here, so you don’t have to worry about going to multiple bosses to get your materials.

Tracking Down The Kalpalata Lotus In Sumeru

The Sumeru exclusive items are pretty bountiful. Kalpalata Lotus' are a bit tricky to collect but easy to find. They are normally clustered in groups of two to three, so a couple of runs through the map can get you as many as you need.

They can be located on cliff sides and along the very edges of mountains and overhangs, moreso by nearby water sources.

Guide To Hunting The Eremites

The other exclusive items are Red Bands that are dropped by the Eremites. Luckily, if you turn around just about any corner in Sumeru, you are likely to encounter these mercenaries.

The Red Bands will be great for Dori’s ascension as well as for her talents. Referring to your Adventurer's Journal, you can go to the enemy's tab and find the Eremites icon. Clicking on their profile will show the primary places on the map to find them.

Dori's Talent Materials

In order to improve Dori’s healing and damage capabilities, you’ll be wanting to level up her Skill and Burst in the Talent’s tabs. Here's what you need.

Talent Level Talent Books Mob Drops Weekly Boss Drops Mora Crown
2 3 Teachings of Ingenuity 6 Faded Red Satin N/A 12,500 N/A
3 3 Guide to Ingenuity 3 Trimmed Red Silk N/A 17,500 N/A
4 4 Guide to Ingenuity 4 Trimmed Red Silk N/A 25,000 N/A
5 6 Guide to Ingenuity 6 Trimmed Red Silk N/A 30,000 N/A
6 9 Guide to Ingenuity 9 Trimmed Red Silk N/A 37,500 N/A
7 4 Philosophies of Ingenuity 4 Rich Red Brocade 1 Bloodjade Branch 120,000 N/A
8 6 Philosophies of Ingenuity 6 Rich Red Brocade 1 Bloodjade Branch 260,000 N/A
9 12 Philosophies of Ingenuity 9 Rich Red Brocade 2 Bloodjade Branch 450,000 N/A
10 16 Philosophies of Ingenuity 12 Rich Red Brocade 2 Bloodjade Branch 700,000 1 Crown of Insight

In the Domain, Steeple of Ignorance, near Chatrakam Cave and North of Sumeru City, Dori will require Ingenuity.

Since the talents rotate throughout the week, you’ll want to visit the Domain on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Red Bands will also be required to help level up her materials and once beyond Level 6, Dori will need the Bloodjade Branch drops from the Azhdaha World Boss, Sealed Lord of Vishaps in the Beneath The Dragon-Queller Trounce Domain.

Dori makes for a pretty easy character to ascend which is always helpful as she will make a pretty great support that can create some interesting team compositions with her build. Because she does pretty good healing and generates a lot of Energy Recharge, you can have fun with her teams to spam bursts continuously for some chaotic and fluid gameplay.

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