Genshin Impact: Best Team Compositions For Sayu

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If there's one type of character that has a high chance to appear in an RPG, it's the ninja. These mysterious rogues cloaked in darkness have appeared in all forms of media, but tend to be recurring party members. That's why it's no surprise that the JRPG Genshin Impact has also included its own take on ninja, thief, and assassin characters.

Being a gacha game, the main aspect is trying to recruit as many fighters as possible so that you'll have more options and strategies available to you. This includes trying to get the ninja character Sayu on your team.

Who Is Sayu?

Being a JRPG game, Genshin Impact has all forms of creatures and humanoids living together in fantasy. This includes Sayu, a member of the Shuumatsuban people who practices as a Mujina Ninja. Even though she appears very child-like, Sayu is trying hard to grow tall in order to appear more intimidating.

Despite her short stature, she is very recognizable by her large tail-like accessory and cream-colored hood with ears. She relies on the Anemo element which goes well with the ninja skills that allow her to move and attack quickly with her Claymore. Unfortunately, she's held back by chronic lethargy.

The Best Team For Sayu

Even though she's a ninja with quick attacks, Sayu can be quite diverse. Her abilities like Mujina Flurry allow her to act in a supportive role, so she can heal her allies. That's why it's best to consider putting her on a team with characters who can make the most of Sayu's power and recovery skills.


To go along with a speedy attacker, a balanced warrior can be a good matchup. This is why Kaeya, the Cryo-based swordsman would make a good addition to a Sayu team. Many of his attacks are centered around dealing damage but also letting him take care of himself.

His Glacial Waltz summons icicles for protection and damage while his passive Cold-Blooded Strike can help him recover HP. This means Sayu will be able to focus more on attacking.


When you have Sayu's strong healing to rely on, you can focus more on DPS. Xiangling can dish out a lot of damage with her polearm and Pyro-based attacks. Having plenty of healing, she'll be able to go all out against any enemy you face.

She can summon the panda Guoba to fight alongside her while she uses devastating attacks like Pyronado to engulf enemies in powerful flames. With skills like this, Xiangling is a powerful partner DPS to Sayu's quick-hitting and supportive style.


Being a Claymore wielder, Sayu has limited range capabilities. So, it makes sense to have the Bow-user Fischl who can use Electro attacks to back her up. Much like Xiangling, Fischl can also summon a familiar known as Oz, a large crow that will fly around raining down attacks.

She can use the ability Midnight Phantasmagoria in order to boost Oz's effectiveness which not only protects her but also buffs her movement speed while attacking with lightning. She'll provide Sayu with plenty of cover fire and heavy ranged damage from her Aimed Shots.

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