Genshin Impact: Best Team Members For Yanfei

In between Genshin Impact's new five-star banners and reruns of old five-star characters, the game releases new four-star characters who become permanent additions to the roster. Despite being four-star characters, they are nothing to sneeze at, with powerful abilities and ease of access, since they're more common. You can more easily build them and unlock their constellations, potentially making them even more powerful than some five-star characters.

Yanfei was a recently released four-star character, first available on Zhongli's second banner. She's a Pyro catalyst character with a unique design and curious Liyue background. Yanfei is a great character, and her play style is focused on building up stacks and dealing immense amounts of damage through charged attacks. These are the best characters to team with her.

9 Sucrose

Sucrose is great because she's another four-star, and you can quickly rack up her constellations to level up her abilities and talents. What makes Sucrose a great Support character for your Yanfei team is her Anemo crowd control capabilities.

With Sucrose around, Yanfei can use her Pyro attacks, switch over to Sucrose, and then use either Sucrose's Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst, which both pull enemies into a swirl of Anemo. This would amplify and spread the Pyro and gather all your opponents in one place, dealing a ton of damage to them while also making them easier to handle.

8 Venti

Venti is a hard character to come by. The Anemo Archon himself, Venti has only been available twice, for a limited time. However, he's considered a very powerful team member who works well with many other characters and shines in challenge areas such as the Spiral Abyss location.

Venti is both a great DPS and good with support, thanks to his Elemental Burst, which traps enemies in a vortex of wind. It's a more powerful move than Sucrose's, but it pulls enemies upwards, which might be harder for you to reach, depending on the other characters in your party.

7 Xingqiu

Easily one of the best characters in the game, counting both five-star and four-star characters, Xingqiu has plenty of abilities that make him a versatile, powerful character. His power doesn't necessarily stem from his damage output, though he makes for a good Sub-DPS, but rather, his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are game-changing.

His Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst both provide multiple benefits to your team, and they stick around even after you switch Xingqiu out with someone else. Xingqiu can also provide some healing to your team, and when paired with Yanfei, he's great because his skills let you spread Hydro and create Vaporize reactions easily.

6 Kaeya

Though Kaeya is one of Genshin's free characters, he can absolutely hold his own when in a good team and built properly. He's a great choice for DPS and has good synergy with Pyro characters such as Yanfei, because you can use his Cryo in combination with her Pyro abilities to create Melt reactions.

Kaeya's skills have a low cooldown time, so you can keep using them and building up his energy, allowing you to unleash his Elemental Burst. He also has an innate healing capability, which means he'll be one less character for you to worry about in the heat of battle.

5 Mona

Mona is a permanent five-star character, meaning there's a chance you'll get her on the limited or permanent banners, which makes her slightly easier to summon compared to limited five-star characters. Mona is a good Support character who can easily spread Hydro to surrounding enemies. This can then lead into Yanfei's Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst ability, creating a massive Vaporize reaction.

Mona also has a taunt ability that increases damage against opponents while keeping them too distracted to attack your characters. This can let you get the upper hand or take a breather during combat if you need it.

4 Bennett

Bennett is a fantastic support character with multiple abilities. Depending on how you build him, he can either be a DPS or Sub-DPS. Plus, having Bennett on your team means you'll have two Pyro characters. This grants you Pyro Elemental Resonance, which gives you a boost in attack stats.

Bennett's Elemental Burst creates a circular area on the ground that heals the character standing on it and provides an attack bonus, too. This can make it easier for Yanfei and the rest of your party to stay healed and deal the maximum amount of damage possible.

3 Barbara

Barbara fits well on multiple teams given her incredibly useful healing capabilities. Her Elemental Skill provides Hydro that you can easily spread to enemies, even after switching Barbara out with another character, and it also provides healing. Barbara's Elemental Burst also heals your entire party.

Barbara's Elemental Skill is great when used with Yanfei because it allows you to spread Hydro in combination with Pyro, letting you create Melt reactions constantly.

2 Diona

Another Support option for your Yanfei team is Diona. She juggles multiple roles and is a solid Cryo character choice. Thanks to her element, she can be used to set up Melt reactions.

Besides that, her Elemental Skill provides your characters with a shield, and with her Elemental Burst, she can heal your party. She's a great all around Support character to have on your Yanfei team, and worth investing in.

1 Xiangling

Xiangling is a free four-star character, and she doesn't pull any punches. She's a fast attacking, Pyro polearm user and a great potential team member for Yanfei. She can be built as a DPS or Sub-DPS, so it's really up to you how you want to utilize her.

When you're not using Yanfei, you can bring out Xiangling for her Elemental Skill, which is a taunt, or her Elemental Burst, to deal massive amounts of Pyro damage. You can swap between Xiangling and Yanfei as you create Pyro based reactions. Plus, you'll have the Pyro Elemental Resonance to increase your damage.

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