Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Collei

The world of Genshin Impact is filled with a huge variety of weapons of every different kind. Every weapon has a base ATK, the main stat, and a passive that is mostly the deciding factor for using it on any character. For any new character, the weapon choices in the game are abundant.

Collie is a forest ranger, battling with Tighnari to protect the rainforest from the Dreadful Withering and other dangers. To fulfill that purpose, she requires a perfect weapon for herself, and players have quite a variety to choose from. Her skill set allows her to fit in a few different play styles, increasing her radius of choice.

8 King's Squire

This bow was released alongside Sumeru in the Version 3.0 update. Its base ATK goes up to 454 with another ATK percent bonus on the main stat up to 55.1 percent on level 90. Collei also scales off ATK percent when you ascend her — this makes her ATK go very high.

This bow's passive isn't the best for Collei, but it still synergizes with her to some extent. Whenever you use an elemental skill or burst, your elemental mastery is increased for 12 seconds based on your refinement. Further, if you switch away from the character or if this buff ends, you deal damage to one nearby opponent based on your ATK.

Collei is supposed to be played as an off-field DPS, so the EM buff doesn't help you a lot, but the burst single-target damage upon switching adds quite a lot of damage, especially if you're fighting a tanky boss.

7 Mouun's Moon

Mouun's Moon is one of the limited bows that is featured only on the weapon banner from time to time. It has a high base ATK with up to 27.6 percent extra ATK bonus as the main stat. While this bow doesn't suit Collei's color palette, its passive is great for a certain build.

Collei suffers from energy problems as her elemental skill only regenerates three particles every 12 seconds. You can build the Emblem of Severed Fate set on her along with this bow to remove this problem and increase her damage output by a lot. It's also recommended to try out sands with Energy Recharge as the main stat with this build.

6 Sacrificial Bow

Talking about Energy Recharge problems, here's a weapon that solves them in a more definitive manner. Sacrificial Bow lets you have an Energy Recharge of 30.6 percent at level 90. Apart from that, it also has a chance of resetting the CD of your elemental skill whenever it hits an enemy.

Using this bow allows you to use ATK percent sand while using Emblem of Severed Fate still. The only problem with this is that it requires higher field time for Collei because if you use another elemental skill before your boomerang comes back, it instantly cancels the first one.

Further, Sacrificial Bow is reliant on its refinements as it increases the chance of triggering the CD reset, which isn't the best for free-to-play or low-spending players.

5 The Stringless

Collei came along with a bunch of Dendro reactions that are extremely detailed and complicated. Elemental Mastery is the stat required to increase the effects of your elemental reactions. The Stringless gives you 165 EM when it reaches level 90.

Further, it gives you a straight DMG bonus on your elemental skill and burst based on your refinement of the weapon. Collei's skill and burst are her bread and butter, and this DMG bonus is perfect for her.

4 End Of The Line

End of the Line is a fish weapon that has a base ATK of 510 with up to 45.9 percent Energy Recharge on level 90. Apart from looking goofy, this bow can make the overall damage dealt by your Collei significantly better because of the passive.

Whenever an elemental skill hits an enemy, it triggers an effect that deals AoE damage based on your ATK and the refinement of the weapon. This can be triggered up to three times in 15 seconds. The only problem is that you can only deal damage with this once every 12 seconds because of your elemental skill's cooldown.

3 Polar Star

The signature weapon for Tartaglia has slowly become one of the best bows fitting in with most of the characters in Genshin Impact. Being a five-star weapon, it has a base ATK of 608 with up to 33.1 percent Crit Rate at the highest level. Further, it provides you with a flat boost on elemental skill and burst DMG.

Whenever your normal attack, charged attack, elemental skill, or burst hits an enemy, you get a stack of Ashen Nightstar that increases your ATK even more, up to four times. All the stacks are counted independently, which gives a good amount of DMG boost to Collei.

2 Favonius Warbow

It's time for the free-to-play best-in-slot weapon for Collei, Favonius Bow. The weapon has base ATK up to 454 and provides a maximum of 61.3 percent Energy Recharge, which is quite respectful. Apart from that, its passive depends on the Crit Rate your character has, which shouldn't be a problem.

Being an off-field damage dealer, you need to have a high Crit Rate on Collei, and that'll also help in generating Energy particles with this weapon. While this weapon also increases your field time, if your Crit Rate is high enough, this increase is much lesser than Sacrificial Bow.

1 Elegy For The End

At this point, it's evident that the best weapons for Collei are the ones that solve her Energy problems. Elegy for the End is one of the few five-star weapons with Energy Recharge main stat that is up to 55.1 percent with 608 base ATK.

Apart from increasing your character's Elemental Mastery, this weapon works off-field, and it can easily trigger an increased Elemental Mastery and ATK percent for everyone in your party, making Collei a true support for any of your DPS characters.

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