Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Ningguang

Ningguang is one of the nobility in Genshin Impact, holding an equivalent to political office as the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing. She also owns the floating Jade Chamber, showcasing her wealth and status, and becomes an integral part of the Liyue storyline you’ll play through.

As one of the Geo-users, Ningguang is an important get for your team. A four-star Catalyst wielding force to be reckoned with, she can pack a powerful punch when properly equipped. Unlike other characters, she has limited options that accentuate her skills, though she has passable substitutes in the four and five-star range.

9 The Mappa Mare – Four Stars

The Mappa Mare is probably the most accessible Catalyst in Genshin Impact since you can forge it yourself at the blacksmith’s shop. It was also made available during the Stellar Reunion Event.

When equipped with this, Ningguang will see a boost to her Base Attack that ranges between 44 to 565, depending on her level. A secondary stat increase of 24 to 110 to her Elemental Mastery is also helpful – as is normally the case with Catalyst users. Finally, any time she creates an Elemental Reaction during a fight, she’ll gain an eight percent Elemental damage bonus for up to ten seconds, with a maximum of two stacks.

8 The Prototype Amber – Four Stars

Formerly the Prototype Malice, the Prototype Amber is another suitable alternative for Ningguang. It can also be forged at the blacksmith’s shop for your convenience and increases her Base Attack between 42 and 510 based on her current level.

Always a beneficial substat to have, the Prototype Amber offers from nine to 41.3 percent boost to HP for Ningguang. It also gives four Energy every two seconds for up to six seconds after she uses her Elemental Burst. With this effect, all your party members will also regenerate four percent HP every two seconds.

7 The Dodoco Tales – Four Stars

A rarer Catalyst to get, it was obtainable during the Midsummer Island Adventure Event. If you were lucky enough to pull it then, you could equip Ningguang with it to see her Base Attack go up between 41 and 454, depending on her level.

The secondary stat is Attack, giving another 12 to 55.1 percent boost there, making her a strong Main DPS. Whenever she attacks a target with her Normal Attack, her Charged Attack damage will increase by 16 percent for six seconds. Any Charged Attack hits will give her an eight percent increase to Attack, also for six seconds.

6 The Widsith – Four Stars

You can pull the Widsith through Wishes at a standard rate. This Catalyst is particularly strong with the Wanderer’s Troupe Artifact set but is still worthwhile on its own with a Base Attack boost running from 42 to 510 in stats. The substat is Crit Dmg, adding 12 to 55.1 percent to that stat.

Whenever Ningguang is on the battlefield, she’ll get a random theme song from the Widsith for ten seconds. This theme song can affect different stats, from Attack getting a 60 percent boost, to Elemental Mastery and Elemental Damage getting temporary increases.

5 The Solar Pearl – Four Stars

The Solar Pearl is only available through the Gnostic Hymn part of the Battle Pass, meaning it’s an item you’ll have to pay to get. That said, it’s a solid choice for Ningguang, as it boosts her Base Attack between 42 and 510, and has a substat increase of six to 27.6 percent to her Crit Rate.

Ningguang’s Normal Attack will increase her Elemental Skill and Burst damage by 20 percent for up to six seconds upon hitting the target. Likewise, her Elemental Skill or Burst will increase her Normal Attack damage by 20 percent for six seconds after successful contact.

4 The Eye of Perception – Four Stars

The Eye of Perception is one of the most commonly recommended Catalysts for Ningguang and is fortunately obtainable through Wishes. Her Base Attack will go up ranging from 41 to 454 based on her level in the game. Its substat is Attack, giving an extra 12 to 55.1 percent, also based on her level.

When using her Normal or Charged Attacks, Ningguang will gain a 50 percent chance to fire off a Bolt of Perception that will deal 240 percent Attack as damage. Once activated, the Bolt can bounce between targets up to four times and can occur every 12 seconds.

3 The Skyward Atlas – Five Stars

Like most five-star weapons you can pull through Wishes, the Skyward Atlas is slightly harder to get but viable for Ningguang. Her Base Attack will elevate between 48 and 674, depending on her level, and her Attack will get another 7.2 to 33.1 percent increase with the secondary stat.

Ningguang’s Elemental damage bonus will go up an extra 12 percent, and her Normal Attack will get a 50 percent chance to earn the Favor of the Clouds. This effect finds any nearby targets to attack for 15 seconds and will deal out 160 percent Attack damage when it finds them.

2 The Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds – Five Stars

You’ll also find the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds in Wishes. Once you’ve pulled it, you’ll get a Base Attack boost between 46 and 608 for Ningguang, and a substat of Crit Rate increase between 7.2 and 33.1 percent.

Her Movement Speed will increase by ten percent with this Catalyst, and she’ll get an extra eight percent Elemental damage bonus every four seconds she’s on the battlefield. You’ll be able to stack this effect up to four times, and it will last until Ningguang is defeated, or you swamp her out for a team member.

1 The Memory of Dust – Five Stars

You can pull the Memory of Dust from the Weapon Event Wishes for Ningguang. As another commonly suggested Catalyst for her, she’ll get a Base Attack increase between 46 and 608, depending on her level. Her Attack will also benefit from the secondary stat, getting a boost between 10.8 and 49.6 percent.

The Memory of Dust increases Ningguang’s shield strength by 20 percent, and whenever she hits a target she’ll get another boost to her Attack of four percent for eight seconds. This effect can be stacked up to five times, and while the shield is active her Attack will increase by another 100 percent. This Catalyst will effectively make Ningguang a sure shot on the battlefield.

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