Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Yelan

Yelan is a quick, dangerous, and extremely fun character to play in Genshin Impact. Her presence in battle can quickly turn the tide in your favor, as long as she and the rest of the group are played with careful thought and the right equipment.

Weapons in Genshin Impact range anywhere from necessary to outright overpowered, although those particularly powerful weapons can often be a real challenge to actually get hold of. Nevertheless, certain weapons make the search well worth it, especially when it comes to a character as pivotal and potentially powerful as Yelan. Here are the best weapons to look out for.

10 Mouun's Moon

As a four-star weapon, Mouun's Moon isn't exactly the easiest item to get hold of, requiring a wish, but if the conditions are right, and you have Raiden Shogun on your team, this is the weapon to use and Yelan will be much better off for it.

Its primary stat has an impressive 565 attack and will increase Yelan's Elemental Burst damage by up to 80 percent if you work on the bow enough. Such an effect can change the tide of battle and will be extremely useful in almost any situation.

9 Amos' Bow

While there's more to battles than damage, it can certainly aid you in succeeding against those tougher enemies. Luckily, Amos' Bow is there to make that a little more possible.

Essentially, the Bow's passive ability enables it to increase your normal attacks and your charged attacks by up to 18 percent. This can greatly affect Yelan's attacks and allows you to do damage while not being too close. The ability helps with the ranged situation in the sense that any damage dealt after you shoot will increase by up to 12 percent for every 0.1 seconds the arrow is soaring through the air. The longer it takes to hit the more damage it can do. The only issue is that it's a five-star bow and is thus pretty hard to get hold of.

8 Prototype Crescent

The Prototype Crescent is cheaper and much easier to get than the Amos' Bow. It's a four-star craftable bow that allows you to really focus on getting the right hits rather than the most hits.

It has a good attack stat and looks pretty awesome in its design, especially on its second ascension. It also has an ability that aids you if you like using both charged attacks and prioritizing weak points. Essentially, if you hit a weak point with a charged attack then your movement speed and attack are increased for up to ten seconds. It's great if you need to hit and run or if you just want to hit again.

7 Polar Star

Being a Sub-DPS, Yelan doesn't really thrive off weapons that help attack damage, she prefers anything to do with Elemental Skills or energy increases, since that's how she primarily deals her damage. This is something that is fantastically displayed within the Polar Star Bow, although it's five-star status does diminish it's ranking in terms of availability.

Essentially, this weapon's passive will increase your damage after you hit an enemy with either an Elemental Skill or Elemental Bust. While the rest of the ability may not be particularly relevant, what she can use will be powerful enough.

6 Favonius Warbow

While this rather regal-looking four-star bow may have a relatively low attack stat, this doesn't overly matter for Yelan due to her scaling. Instead, the Favonius Warbow focuses primarily on recovering energy for her powerful Elemental Burst. It's also relatively commonly dished out from wishes so is easier to get and refine than some other options.

Ultimately, this bow just feels like it's made perfectly for Yelan due to the Energy Recharge ability that enables you to get the chance to recharge up to six Energy whenever you land a critical hit. It's one of the weapons you should consider when trying to focus on any purely offensive moves without needing to worry much about energy.

5 Sacrificial Bow

It's well known that the Sacrificial style of weapon carries some weight in the world of Genshin Impact. It's extremely popular, looks awesome, and is often known as one of the best categories in the game. Unsurprisingly, it happens to be great for Yelan too.

This is primarily due to the elemental side of her character and the fact that the Sacrificial Bow's ability hones in on that skill. Essentially, if you hit the enemy with an elemental skill then the bow will grant you a 40 percent chance to ignore the skill's cooldown.

4 Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is a five-star bow that looks as deadly as it often proves to be, unfortunately, it can only be obtained through wishes which makes it both desirable and frustrating to get hold of.

However, if you do manage to grab this bow then Yelan would suit it perfectly. As a sub-DPS, this character is all about trying to do heavy damage quickly and efficiently. So, when the effect grants you an increased attack and increased damage it's hard to not fall in love. It deals a fair amount of damage and has all the elements players of Yelan know and love.

3 Skyward Harp

With a design that's a little different from the traditional bows, Yelan will certainly stand out when wielding the Skyward Harp, and for good reason when assessing its power and its ability to easily turn attacks into potentially game-changing AoEs.

For Yelan, the main element that will allow her to thrive with this bow is the increase in critical damage. With a relatively decent crit rate on its own, the Skyward Harp will serve to increase your critical damage by up to 40 percent depending on the refinement level. However, once you hit you'll notice a small AoE being revealed which does a fantastic amount of damage and is great if there are just a few too many enemies for your liking.

2 Hamayumi

The Hamayumi Bow is arguably one of Genshin Impacts' best weapons for Yelan. This is primarily due to the four-star rating and the ability to craft it, rather than just hope you come across this powerful weapon.

While it may only increase Yelan's normal and charged attack damage, it does get boosted when your character has 100 percent energy. Something like this for a character like Yelan is ideal, especially when it's focused on energy.

1 Aqua Simulacra

Already regarded as the best weapon for Yelan, Aqua Simulacra is the kind of bow that you can never let go of if you're lucky enough to get hold of it. However, as a five-star banner weapon it's nto an easy task. It's versatile, looks stunning, and does damage with very few requirements which makes it ideal for either Yelan or several other bow-wielding characters.

Aside from a high base attack and a good element of crit damage, the bow has a passive ability that increases Yelan's health and the damage dealt. The only real requirement this weapon needs is to have opponents nearby, which is hardly something you will struggle with.

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