Genshin Impact: Dirge Of Bilqis Complete Guide

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While the Archon Quests are the bread and butter of Genshin Impact when it comes to the main story, there are also a ton of optional World Quests that reveal different details and secrets of Teyvat. Since these quests aren't necessary, the developers have made them quite hard to beat, especially in Sumeru.

Sumeru is the fourth region in Teyvat, and it's also called the land of the Dendro Archon. This region is divided into two parts: Rainforest and Desert. Both of these regions have a separate storyline that you can enjoy by doing the World Quests.

How To Unlock Dirge Of Bilqis Quest

The Dirge Of Bilqis is quite a long quest itself, but you also need to do a lot to get this quest in the first place. Firstly, this entire quest revolves around the Desert Of Hadramaveth, which is quite far if you've just started playing the game. The required area is on the northern side of the Sumeru Desert, and you have to go through the Rainforest to reach it.

You can already reach this area even if you haven't done a lot of main quests. The game allows you to explore wherever you want, with a few exceptions like Inazuma. Although, the enemies in this area might be too much for a new player.

Furthermore, there is a pre-requisite quest that you have to finish in the southern Desert called Golden Slumber. This quest will introduce you to Jeht, who is one of the main characters in Dirge Of Bilqis as well. In Golden Slumber, you'll go through many Desert Ruins to unlock the city of Khaj-Nisut in the end.

Wisdom Has Built Her House, She Has Hewn Out Her Seven Pillars Walkthrough

After finishing Golden Slumber, wait for a day and you'll be able to start Dirge Of Bilqis by talking to Katheryne in Sumeru. She's located in southern Sumeru City, and you can teleport to a nearby Waypoint to get to her quickly. Katheryne will tell you that Jeht has sent you a letter. In the letter, she will ask you to visit her at the Tanit Camp.

This camp is located near the Statue of the Seven that unlocks the Desert of Hadramaveth. Once you get to the location, two Eremites will stop you on your way to the camp, and you'll have to show them Jeht's letter. They'll tell you that Jeht isn't back, but you can talk to Aderfi, Masseira, and Yuften.

You don't necessarily have to talk to Katheryne to start this quest. You can simply visit the Tanit Camps after a day and these two Eremites will stop you, starting the quest. Although, you might miss out on acquiring the letter from Jeht if you start it this way.

After the dialogue, you can follow the blue marker to talk to Aderfi, who won't be the nicest fellow you've seen. He will then ask you to talk to Masseira, who will have a blindfold on his eyes. Finally, you can talk to Yuften at the bottom of the camp who feeds their pet crocodiles. He'll ask you to seek the matriarch.

Head back up using a grapple and you'll witness Matriarch Babel punishing a traitor. You have to talk to the scary leader after witnessing what she does to traitors. This is the Pyro Eremite in Genshin Impact, and she is one of the beautifully designed enemies that makes one wish they were playable.

While you're talking with Babel, Jeht will emerge and her face will glow up after seeing you. You'll go on a journey to help everyone out at the camp with her. Start off by heading back down to the bottom of the camps and talking to Yuften. He'll ask for your help in feeding the crocodiles, and give you some fresh meat.

While feeding the first set of crocodiles, Jeht will mention that Babel is not that scary, but she can't stand traitors. She'll also mention that she had to knock some of the traitor's teeth before he agreed to come back and accept his punishment.

Head over to the other side of the camp to feed the second set of crocodiles, which is marked by a yellow aura on the wooden platform once you reach the area. Make sure you stay at the bottom level to find it. Here, Jeht will mention that Babel chose her to find the traitors because of her previous adventures.

Moreover, she'll also mention that she punishes the traitors because she wasn't born among the Tanit, so she can be more aggressive toward them. All of this dialogue is important because of what happens in the next few parts of Dirge Of Bilqis.

How To Find The Eternal Oasis

Here, Jeht will take you to Azariq who's at The Temples Forsaken area. You'll have to go through an intricate set of ruins to find the mother of Jinn, Liloupar. Once that is done, you will embark on a three-part quest to locate different fragments of the Jinn before you finally reach the center of the sandstorm. Here's the quest you'll have to finish if you want to find the Eternal Oasis:

  • The Temple Where Sand Flows Like Tears Quest Walkthrough
  • Dune-Entombed Fecundity

While doing the two quests mentioned above, you'll come across many underground Teleport Waypoints. It's important to interact with them if you don't want the hassle of going all the way when you try to explore the Desert and get 100 percent exploration progress.

These Waypoints are marked on the map with a different icon beside them, which symbolizes that they're under the ground.

At the end of the three-part quest, you'll have to fight Liloupar's sister called Firegees who is protecting the resting place for the Mistress of Flowers. After defeating her, you can activate the elevator by going to the middle of the platform to enter the Orchard of Pairidaeza, commonly known as the Eternal Oasis​​.

The Eternal Dream, Ever Lush Walkthrough

Once you enter the area, follow the path to reach the Eternal Oasis shown above. As you exit the cave, you'll see a pink flower on your left, but this is not necessary for the quest. Go to the middle of the yellow circle on the map and the quest will progress forward. Head to the tree in the middle to get the final fragment for Liloupar.

After discovering the lies told by King Deshret, head over to the yellow marker again where Jeht will put her father's axe and her mother's note together so that they can be together for eternity. Jeht will want some alone time after this scene, and you can read her mother's note near the tree before proceeding with the quest.

The note will make you feel ever closer to Jeht and her family as you read what her mother was thinking while she was small. Even though this World Quest wasn't voiced, it surely brings out the right emotion.

Talk to Liloupar and she'll ask you to take Jeht back home. When you talk to Jeht, she'll ask you to give her some more time, and you'll be faced with two choices. Unfortunately, you have to keep asking her to leave so that you can get back to the Tanit Camp and finish the quest by talking to Babel once more.

While talking about Azariq, Jeht reveals that Babel already had her suspicions about him, but she wanted Jeht to find out herself. In the end, Babel will give you three choices for your reward:

  • Little extra Mora
  • An artifact to commemorate your journey
  • Offer a toast on Jeht's birthday celebration on your behalf

The rewards from the first two choices might not be as high as you expect them to be, so the third option is recommended. This option won't give you any extra reward, but it'll get you closer to Jeht. In the end, Babel will be ready to tell you about many things including the traitors.

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