Genshin Impact: How To Unlock Fane Of Panjvahe Domain

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In the starting areas of Genshin Impact, the puzzles required to unlock different domains aren't particularly hard. Although, the difficulty of these unlock puzzles ramps up as you progress to areas like the Sumeru Desert. The Desert Of Hadramaveth was first released in the Version 3.4 update alongside Alhaitham and Yaoyao.

The Fane of Panjvahe is one of the two domains in this area that can only be finished once. Upon beating it, you'll get a bunch of Primogems along with some Mora and EXP materials. You can get to this domain by teleporting to the nearest Waypoint and using the grapples to reach the area.

How To Get The First Seelie

When you reach the domain, it will be blocked and there will be two mechanisms where you need to submit a Seelie. Simply put, the domain will be unlocked when you submit both the Seelies in their spot. The first Seelie can be seen right beside the domain, but you have to solve an Obelisk puzzle to get it.

There will be three big rocks and three small ones with a symbol on them. You have to match the symbol on each big Obelisk with the smaller one behind it. When you match the symbols for all three pairs, the Seelie will automatically start going toward the domain. Although, there is a catch.

This Seelie will constantly be moving along a triangle that has the three big Obelisks as edges. Whenever it goes over a certain Obelisk, it will change its symbol automatically. You have to match the symbol at a certain time so that none of them are ruined by the Seelie. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Firstly, you can simply follow the Seelie and match the symbol of the Obelisk it passes instantly. If you do this fast enough, you'll be able to match all the symbols before the Seelie can get to the one you started with.
  • You can also remember the sequence of symbols on one of these Obelisks, and hit it until you reach the symbol before the correct one. Now, you will have more time to fix the symbols of the other two Obelisks while the Seelie makes its way to the third one and fixes it for you.

How To Get The Second Seelie

To locate the second Seelie, you can use Elemental Sight near the deposit point to get the general direction you have to go. Head to the path leading up on your right, and you'll see the second Seelie near a flying Ruin Drake. When you get near it, the Drake will wake up and start attacking you.

It's required to defeat this enemy for the Seelie to start moving to the domain. Once you're finished with the fight, head to the tip of the tiny rock that the Seelie is revolving around, and it will start going toward the domain. Once this Seelie is deposited, the domain will come out of the ground.

When you enter the domain, you'll have to defeat a total of 12 enemies in the first room to finish it. After the battle, you can claim your reward and use this domain as a Teleport Point.

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