Genshin Impact Player Figures Out The Age Of Amber And Diluc

After a bit of internet sleuthing, one passionate Genshin Impact fan was able to determine the age of both Amber and Diluc – prepare to be shocked. The owner of Dawn Winery is 22 years old, while Outrider Amber is only 18.

Figuring out their ages wasn’t an easy process, as anyone who’s played Genshin Impact will know that the game doesn’t divulge much info about its characters’ birthdays. That means the fan had to turn to another source – the official Genshin Impact manga.

Much of the manga takes place about a year before the events of Genshin Impact, although there’s a portion that jumps back another two years. Using a few tidbits of info revealed throughout the manga, the fan was able to piece everything together to get an approximate age for both Amber and Diluc. If you haven’t read the manga or don’t closely follow the game it’s easy to get lost, but here’s a detailed rundown of how the ages were determined:

Almost every other internet detective seems to agree with the analysis, although Mihoyo hasn’t yet confirmed the info. And while people agree with the findings, they’re also a bit shocked. Diluc running a winery at the ripe age of 22 sounds like a recipe for disaster, while letting an 18-year-old run solo security patrols is nothing short of irresponsible.

As for the Traveler? No one is quite sure, but it sounds like they might be about 500 years old.

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