Genshin Impact: The Best Claymores For Eula, Ranked

Lucky you for getting Eula! What now? After devoting all your resources, Primogems, and unrequited love for pixels into her, which weapon do you give her? That's even a bigger conundrum than whether one should skip her banner or not. Joking aside, Eula can be rather picky with her stuff. That's probably why she received a personalized sword.

Without the proper setup, she's not much better than other Mondstadt DPS characters who are in dire need of buffs. So, with the number of claymores around, it can be dizzying to do the theoretical and practical math needed to determine which among them gives the biggest numbers. So which of these big sticks will make both you and Eula get your money's worth?

Updated December 13, 2021, by Sid Natividad: So, you got Eula again or got her for the first time in her re-run? Well, congratulations. But the work is far from over. Now you have to pick the best claymore because randomly choosing a big sword won't cut it. She's picky.

Luckily, Genshin Impact is far from done yet with its weapon roster. There's an even more varied selection of claymores this time around. That's why any Eula best claymore list is bustling with options. But which of these options are the best? We've taken the liberty of answering that question for you, now with even more options.

15 Favonius Greatsword – Fixes Eula's Biggest Weakness

  • Max base ATK: 454
  • Secondary stat: Energy Recharge 61.3%

One of Eula's biggest weaknesses is that the cost of her Elemental Burst is 80 points. That's on the high side for any character and while you can alleviate that with characters like Raiden Shogun or a Cryo battery, a self-sustaining Eula is on a different level.

As such, the Favonius Knights claymore has its place in Eula's arsenal. The Energy Recharge bonus is quite hefty and if that's not enough, then you get to have even more energy whenever Eula does critical damage which is often if you build her right.

14 Rainslasher – Decent For Both Major Eula Compositions

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • Secondary stat: Elemental Mastery 165

Rainslasher's secondary stat is wasted on Eula, to be honest. She doesn't need Elemental Mastery since her damage is mostly Physical. However, it's the weapon's passive ability trigger that's useful for her. Because Rainslasher increases the damage dealt to any enemy affected by Hydro or Electro elements.

Now, since the major Eula support characters are either Hydro (for Freeze compositions) or Electro (for Superconduct), then the Rainslasher will do wonders. You'll be able to maximize picking this weapon over others and it's also easy to upgrade to R5.

13 Katsuragikiri Nagamasa – A Stylish Substitute

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: Energy Recharge 45.9%

Inazuma's own version of the Favonius Greatsword is more or less tied with it when it comes to generating energy. Its Energy Recharge stat is lower but you likely won't notice the difference when comparing it with the Mondstadt weapon. It will still top up Eula's energy reliably.

What makes it better than the Favonius Greatsword in some setups is that it's not too reliant on the crit rate in order to give copious amounts of energy. Katsuragikiri Nagamasa's passive ability just fires off of Elemental Skill in order to grant more energy.

12 Luxurious Sea-Lord – Has Good Burst Synergy, Has Good Taste Too

  • Max base ATK: 454
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 55.1%

It's certainly not the best weapon for aesthetic bragging and wielding it makes you a domain lobby clown but it's actually a competitive choice. The Luxurious Sea-Lord boasts high numbers of attack and attack boosts that make it a solid option for Eula.

To add to its effectiveness, the Luxurious Sea-Lord also has a weapon passive ability that increases Elemental Burst damage. That's a good buff for Eula as the majority of her damage comes from the Burst. If you do manage to pull off the Burst successfully, you also get a lovely tuna splash that deals even more damage.

11 Akuoumaru – For Maximizing Energy-Hungry Characters Like Eula

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 41.3%

The awesome thing about Akuoumaru is that it could have been the best weapon for Eula if it had the stats of a five-star weapon. The base attack is superb already and the secondary stat is a generous boost to Eula's damage, but the weapon passive is what makes it shine.

That's because Akuroumaru increases Elemental Burst damage based on the sum of the whole party's max Energy capacity. For Eula whose Elemental Burst costs 80 plus more energy-hungry characters, the Burst bonus is massive. Oh, and it's also blue which suits Eula well.

10 Royal Greatsword – Average

  • Max base ATK: 565
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 27.6%

This is not the best nor the most available weapon for her but if you like the look of the Royal Greatsword, then by all means – use it. It's not that bad as a weapon for Eula as it gives out attack stat increases as well as a big bonus to the crit rate.

However, keeping this Crit Rate bonus can be tricky – especially considering Eula's huge damage numbers come in a delayed manner. One good reason to stick with this one is if you've already leveled it to 80 and are too lazy to grind for another weapon.

9 Lithic Blade – Better With A Specific Team

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 41.3%

The Lithic Blade is in a similar spot to the Royal Greatsword but it can be more consistent especially if players manage to include a full Liyue retinue for Eula. The blade gives out some significant buffs for each Liyue character.

Even Zhongli, Beidou, or Qiqi can supplement Eula's party to that end but do note that there are better options for party members. Limiting team composition choices just to maximize the Lithic Blade for Eula is counterproductive if you have better options.

8 Blackcliff Slasher – Best For Big Mobs

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: CRIT DMG 55.1%

What would those better options be? Let's start with Blackcliff Slasher. Like the Royal Greatsword, it can be readily obtained via Paimon's Shop. Its secondary stat is crit damage which is always awesome for Eula or even any DPS character.

The problem with it is that the weapon perk is incredibly inconsistent or even difficult to attain. It requires killing an enemy to get an increased attack buff that stacks pretty high. For boss fights like Azhdaha or the Primo Geovishap, you can forget about this buff. Still, it's decent enough if you have low crit damage.

7 Snow-Tombed Starsilver – Matches Eula

  • Max base ATK: 565
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: Physical DMG Bonus 34.5%

One of the most aesthetically complementary weapons for Eula would be the Snow-Tombed Starsilver; it also appears to have been made for her. Eula can take full advantage of the weapon's perk and maximize that icicle damage frequently.

Moreover, the secondary stat is physical damage, making it appealing for her. Truth be told, it's one of the three best budget options for Eula. This weapon, as well as the next two, don't have many differences in damage output, so pick the one you like the most.

6 Prototype Archaic – Great For Free Players

  • Max base ATK: 565
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 27.6%

The other best budget weapon for Eula is the Prototype Archaic. It's arguably easier to refine, making it a preferable choice for free players. The Prototype Archaic gives out tons of attack boosts and even more with its perk.

Since Eula has faster attack animations compared to other claymore users, she gets to activate this weapon's explosive damage every 15 seconds. It's by far one of the simplest weapons she can utilize with no drawbacks and no conditions.

5 Serpent's Spine – Risk & Reward

  • Max base ATK: 510
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: CRIT Rate 27.6%

Still, some weapons that give out negative conditions can yield better damage outputs for that high-risk, high-reward gameplay. Serpent's Spine, available in the Battle Pass, is a semi-budget option that gives out a hefty amount of crit rate.

More than that, it also grants Eula an increase in overall damage the longer she's out in the field. The downside is that she will also take more damage. However, since one of her staple supports is Diona and Xinyan – both of whom are shield-generators – Eula should be safe. Refining this weapon requires quite a deal of patience though.

4 Skyward Pride – A Solid 5-star Weapon

  • Max base ATK: 674
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: Energy Recharge 36.8%

Skyward Pride is the most underrated out of all the five-star claymores thanks to its Energy Recharge secondary stat. Still, Eula actually needs this stat since her Elemental Burst costs 80 and her innate energy generation is a bit lacking.

Moreover, when one factors in the vacuum blades that the Skyward Pride gives upon Elemental Burst activation, then it pretty much matches the other five-star weapons. It also matches her aesthetics well enough.

3 The Unforged – Rare But Excellent

  • Max base ATK: 608
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 49.6%

For most players, The Unforged isn't an option anymore as its banner hasn't come back yet. But it was actually one of the best claymores even though it's rare. It was made for parties with a shielder in them since any character with a shield who uses this also gets increased attack.

As mentioned before, Eula's supporting characters are mostly shield-generators and Diona is one of her most recommended characters. So if you have unforged, consider yourself lucky as it's one of the best and most carefree weapons for Eula.

2 Wolf's Gravestone – Second Best Is Pretty Good Y'all

  • Max base ATK: 608
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: ATK 49.6%

The edgy black and red might not fit Eula's motif and theme but the Wolf's Gravestone is actually on par with Eula's best-in-slot weapon – Song of Broken Pines. It just gives out so much Aattack boost that it measures up well against Eula's latest toy.

In certain instances when the Wolf's Gravestone's passive is activated, it can even out damage Song of Broken Pines. Needless to say, if you were fortunate enough to have gotten this weapon, then there's no need to go broke for the latest five-star claymore (unless you care about appearances).

1 Song of Broken Pines – Broken Spines?

  • Max base ATK: 741
  • ​​​​​​​Secondary stat: Physical DMG Bonus 20.7%

At first glance, it appears like Song of Broken Pines was going to be a "Staff of Homa debacle" except for Eula; it could have made her absolutely broken as in Hu Tao's case. However, Song of Broken Pines turned out to be relatively modest.

It didn't shake up Wolf's Gravestone's spot on the throne too much despite the physical damage secondary stat and the attack speed increase. Nevertheless, it's simpler to use than Wolf's Gravestone since there's no need to manage the enemy's HP bar. Eula can just dance to the sound of her pulverizing their broken spines. That could even be where the weapon's name came from.

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