Genshin Impact Update 3.4 Adds New Desert Region, Characters, And More

Genshin Impact Version 3.4 will be released on January 18, adding a brand new region to the game and introducing players to the Lantern Rite. “Enjoy the grand Teyvat New Year celebrations and explore Sumeru's new sandstorm ravaged desert with Alhaitham and Yaoyao,” the official description states.

“In this update, players can look forward to the grand annual celebration of Lantern Rite, competitions in Inazuma, elegant outfits, and rich rewards including a free four star Liyue character and a total of 13 Intertwined Fates! Two new characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, will become playable as powerful allies, while in the distant desert of Sumeru, a new area with long lost ancient remains and mysteries finally reveals itself amidst the sandstorms.”

When it comes to the Lantern Rite celebration, the company behind the game, HoYoverse, describes how “this year's festivities include a music festival featuring guests from afar and a Paper Theater performance, a beloved folk art show performed by local veteran artisans with the help of the Traveler.” The developer goes on to explain that “many different minigames are also available during Lantern Rite such as Radiant Sparks, the latest racing game where players have the ability to become part of a rising fireworks display.”

As for the new characters, “two more new playable Dendro characters will be available in the upcoming release. Alhaitham will finally be playable as a five star sword wielder after his impressive presence in Sumeru's main storyline. In his Story Quest Vultur Volans Chapter, players can find out what the rational and intelligent Scribe of the Akademiya went through after the events of Sumeru's main story,” HoYoverse remarks. “In combat, Alhaitham can create Chisel Light Mirrors to convert his attacks into Dendro Damage, unleash coordinated attacks, and increase the damage dealt by his Elemental Burst to make combat easier.”

The second new Dendro character, Yaoyao, is a child from Liyue, recruitable as a four star character. “In battle, Yaoyao wields a polearm and uses the adeptus crafted device Yuegui to deal more damage or heal her teammates. While exploring, she will not spook nearby creatures when approaching them.”

The latest region added to Genshin Impact is the Desert of Hadramaveth, described as a “new area located northwest of the Sumeru region. A perpetual gigantic tornado sits in the center of the desert, bringing turbulent storms and buried secrets back to the surface. Following the World Quest Golden Slumber, players can begin another adventure with Jeht from the Tanit Camps, encounter a mysterious Magic Bottle and embark on a quest to find the long lost Orchard of Pairidaeza.”

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