Genshin Impact’s Legend Of The Vagabond Sword Event Adds More Ways To Win Primogems

Mihoyo just dropped its new event for Genshin Impact, Legend of the Vagabond Sword, and you’re free to give it a shot until July 8. However, that’s not the only step you can take to score more Primogems, as Mihoyo has added a new video contest to the mix.

If you’ve missed the news on the actual event itself, no worries, it just began. Every day, Genshin Impact’s unknown domain will open a new portal that unleashes a brand new boss to challenge. This will change from day to day, until we hit day seven, and that’s when you’ll be able to challenge all of the bosses released. Like events in the past, it has difficulty multipliers and characters that score extra event bonuses. Your event currency can score you Primogems, EXP books, Talent Level-Up materials, Mora, and other goodies.

And once you’re done with your in-game duties, Mihoyo is taking the Vagabond Sword campaign outside of Genshin Impact. It’s pretty easy to participate, you just need to record footage of your team successfully completing the challenge. You’ll the make your way to the official Event Details page to upload your feat. Just make sure the footage shows your UID, and don’t submit any more than five videos.

If you’re already working on daily challenges in the event, you might as well give it a shot. Event rewards include a Challenge Bundle for 20 participants (300 Primogems, merchandise) and Booster Bundle for 30 players (100 Primogems, merchandise). The odds aren’t great that you’ll get some, and the event may be a bit tough, but Mihoyo has been known to reward people in the past with compensation just for participating in a few extra steps.

Even if this event isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied in Teyvat. The world will soon see the introduction of Kaedehara Kazuha, a hero from Inazuma who uses the Pyro element and swords.

There’s also plenty for Genshin Impact fans to continue celebrating as the game just won Apple’s Design Award for its visuals and graphics. And surprising no one at all, fans continue to pay tribute to their favorite F2P RPG by recreating Teyvat locations within other games, like this recreation of the Dawn Winery in Minecraft.

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