Get Roguelite RPG Solitairica Today For Free On Epic Games Store

There’s plenty of roguelikes out there so it’s a hard genre to sift through but Solitairica introduces its own spin with card-based gameplay, RPG elements, and a fantasy story to tie the knot. For 24 hours, it can be added to your Epic Games Store library for free and you get to keep it forever.

The story of Solitairica is fairly simple – you battle Stuck’s armies, an evil emperor who has stolen all of the hearts in the land. You, the player, are the last warrior standing against them, with Kismet guiding you and teaching you the power of Solitaire.

The gameplay is turn-based, enemies are procedural, and, in true rogue-lite fashion, there are plenty of items and combos to be had making for a different run each time. On top of that, there are perks and classes with deck upgrades that take shape in the form of ace, king, and queen cards.

The trailer for Solitairica dropped way back in 2016 and the game itself launched in the same year, on May 31. So, it’s been a while since Righteous Hammer Games released a new title, but they have a new game coming to PC in early access next year. It’s called ZOR: Pilgrimage of the Slorfs.

ZOR appears to take a lot from Solitairica, so it only seems natural to play the latter before the former’s release. After all, why not when it’s free? Perhaps, if you enjoy Righteous Hammer’s first title, then you’ll find an excuse to nab their next. It’s a beautiful looking indie that has hexagonal-based tiles with cards that you use to walk, explore, harvest, and craft, with procedural generation much like Solitairica.

Or, if you don’t enjoy Solitairica, then you won’t have lost anything since it’s not going to cost you. However, there are only two more games in Epic’s festive giveaway. Then it’s back to the routine of weekly handouts, so be sure not to miss out on the next few. Following that, Epic is celebrating the New Year with Fortnite, naturally.

You can grab Solitairica in Epic’s giveaway now by checking out the store page.

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