Ghostwire: Tokyo delayed until 2022 – Xbox version will be 2023

The new game from the creator of Resident Evil and The Evil Within has been delayed until the spring and it’s still a PS5 exclusive.

The strangest thing about Microsoft buying Bethesda, apart from the fact that they paid $7.5 billion for it, is that the publisher has almost no games out in the near future and the only ones it does have are both PlayStation 5 exclusives.

Sony signed up Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo before the acquisition and Microsoft has had no choice but to honour the deal, meaning that there’ll be no Xbox version of either game until a year after its initial release.

Deathloop is out on PlayStation 5 on September 14 but while Ghostwire: Tokyo was expected to be this year too it’s now been delayed until ‘early’ next year. Which means there can’t possibly be an Xbox version until at least spring 2023.

Unlike Deathloop, almost nothing has been seen of Ghostwire: Tokyo so far and it’s still not really clear what it is, other than some sort of action-focused first person horror game.

Developer Tango Gameworks, which was founded by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, has previously described it as ‘karate meets magic’ but it’s not really clear what that means in terms of gameplay or tone.

‘We want to get the game in your hands as soon as possible so you can experience the unforgettable version of a haunted Tokyo that we’ve been hard at work building’, says the tweet announcing the delay.

‘At the same time, we’re also focused on protecting the health of everyone at Tango. Our new release window will give us time to bring the world of Ghostwire to life as we’ve always envisioned it.’

Tango Gameworks promise to show more of the game in the ‘coming months’, probably as part of new State of Play livestream from Sony.

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