Ghostwire Tokyo revealed: Action adventure game from Tango Gameworks revealed by Bethesda

At Bethesda’s E3 press conference in LA, Shinji Mikami took to the stage to present the newest game from his studio Tango Gameworks.

Mikami announced the newest game from the studio – it’s called Ghostwire Tokyo.

The game is an action adventure that sees you fighting a ‘supernatural evil’. After the announcement, Mikami introduced Ikumi Nakamura to the stage – she’s the creative director.

“We are making a new kind of action-adventure game” she announced, “and not the kind we’re known for.”

The game will feature conspiracies and the occult – and it’ll all culminate with you saving humanity.

The title is set in the Tokyo district of Shibuya and sees people just randomly disappearing from public thanks to a mysterious event. Because there is just a Shiba Inu left behind, it seems to just be happening to humans.

You play as a hooded hero that uses a bow and arrow and seems to have special supernatural powers of his own.

Information about the consoles it’ll appear on and the release date are not listed.

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