Gloomhaven’s digital adaptation is getting its first big chunk of DLC

Gloomhaven, the 2021 video game adaptation of Isaac Childres’ tabletop role-playing game, will receive its first expansion next month. The game’s official Twitter account announced today that the DLC, titled Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, will launch May 17 on Steam and GoG. As part of a special promotion for the upcoming expansion, players will be able to pre-purchase Jaws of the Lion with a 15-percent discount for $15.29.

The Jaws of the Lion expansion will include 25 new scenarios, include 10 new enemies and bosses, and offer players four new mercenaries to choose from, including the Demolitionist, the Hatchet, the Red Guard, and the Voidwarden. In addition, new items will be available through both the Guildmaster and Gloomhaven game modes. As in the base game, Jaws of the Lion can be played either in single-player or through four-player online co-op.

Image: Flaming Fowl Studios

Players will be able to access the Jaws of the Lion campaign directly through the game’s existing map following the expansion’s release and the completion of the core game’s second scenario.

In our review for Gloomhaven, which launched on PC after several years in early access, Charles Theel wrote that, “the depth and quality of that card-based combat system is extricated wonderfully in the digital version,” further stating that, “the digital adaptation does away with all of the work while still retaining the essential assets.”

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