God Eater 3 review: Awesome anime action that’s a blast to play

The super-stylish, cel-shaded style anime graphics will undoubtedly catch the attention of manga lovers.

God Eater 3 is the first title in the series built for the PS4, with previous entries coming to Sony handhelds first before being ported over.

And one glance at God Eater 3 clearly shows Bandai Namco have taken advantage of the power of current-gen consoles to great effect.

God Eater 3 looks extremely easy on the eyes, whether you’re walking around its post-apocalyptic or facing off in battle.

It’s in the latter that it really shines, with plenty of stylish visual flourish on-screen during the fast and furious fights.

God Eater is a series that takes many cues from Monster Hunter, and anyone that’s played one of those brilliant Capcom games will be on familiar ground.

Both titles see you taking control of a powerful warrior that is dropped into an area to face off against humongous beasts.

In God Eater 3’s case, these creatures are known as Aragami – and you’re one of the few humans on Earth that are capable of taking them down.


As a God Eater, your character is able to fuse parts of your body with the Aragami to wield massive weapons known as God Arcs.

These sword and firearm weapons, which you can switch between during battle, are the only things capable of hurting the Aragami.

Sword weapons will be what you predominantly use, with fast and furious hack and slash combat being your main port of call.

Players may try to get through early fights simply with button bashing, but there is plenty of depth to God Eater 3’s controls.

As you progress more abilities and skills unlock that you can master, with the new Burst Arts being one powerful attack that unlocks early on.

To go into Burst mode, players have to charge up a meter by devouring an Aragami.

This literally sees your weapon take a bite out of the creature you’re facing off against, and once activated sees the power of your attacks spike up.

God Eater 3 really shines in its many battles – fights are fast, furious and a lot of fun to play.

It also streamlines a lot of the tracking of creatures that you’d get in Monster Hunter games, meaning brawls can be extremely quick fire.

Where God Eater 3 is let down is that the repeated gameplay loop of fight, drop back to your base, and then fight again which can get repetitive.

God Eater 3 also falls foul to some typical and unwelcome anime tropes, such as over-sexualised female characters and camera angles that linger uncomfortably.

It isn’t the only game that does it, with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 another title Express.co.uk previously called out in our review online.

It’s unnecessary and detracts from the good characterisation that takes place in God Eater 3.

And as games continue to fight to be considered an art form in many people’s eyes it’s something developers should stamp out and not pander to.

God Eater 3 is a game not without its faults, but if you can live with those issues you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

The fast, furious and frantic action RPG gameplay makes battles a joy to play and the bottom line is it’s simply a hell of a lot of fun.

If you’re a fan of previous God Eater games or love the Monster Hunter series then God Eater 3 is well worth a visit.


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