God Of War Ragnarok: All Berserker Boss Fights, Ranked By Difficulty

When God of War started its Norse Saga, its gameplay and mechanics changed a lot as well. One of the many differences is that you now have a semi-open world to explore, and it includes a lot of side missions. The campaign can be rather easy to complete, and the most difficult challenges in the game actually come from this extra content. The 2018 game had the Valkyries, and Ragnarok has the Berserkers.

Their tombstones can be found throughout the realms, and a fight against them can be triggered using the hilt of a cursed sword. Which ones are easier though? If you're not sure where to start, perhaps we can help you out with that.

All these fights will require decent equipment. You should be at least level 6 with your gear or higher (preferably higher).

10/10 Skjothendi, The Unerring

Location: Mist Fields, Niflheim

This one is the easiest, but keep in mind that any of the Berserkers will put up a challenge, at least at higher difficulties. With that said, Skjothendi's attacks aren't the strongest compared to the rest, and most can be blocked and parried.

What makes this guy a threat is the Bifrost effect he can apply; If you get hit while under this effect, the damage you'll receive will be quite significant. As long as you keep a strong defense though, you should be fine.

9/10 Fraekni, the Zealous

Location: The Lake of Nine, Midgard

Probably the first one you'll face, considering it's the closest one to you when you get the sword hilt that triggers these fights.

Fraekni doesn't have that many moves, but the charges and the constant yellow-ring attacks can overwhelm you. A shield that can block yellow-ring attacks can make your life a lot easier here. Still, she is a good introduction to what's to come, being the most straightforward one.

8/10 Hardrefill, The Callous

Location: Nidavellir, Svartalfheim

Hardrefill doesn't change all that much compared to Fraekni, so this one is also very straightforward. The biggest differences here is higher damage (compensated by him being slower), and an attack where he flies up in the air and lands on you, quite similar to how the Valkyries used to do – Though, in this case, he doesn't stomp you over and over.

When he flies up, there will be a circle following you, and it will stop a bit before he lands. Just make sure to dodge during this time window, and be as aggressive as you can.

7/10 Hjalti, The Stolid

Location: The Forbidden Sands, Alfheim

Her unique attack consists of a very large area attack, but it can be stopped by using a shield bash. The problem is, you need to be close to use your shield bash, so it's a gamble.

Instead of keeping her distance and letting her charge toward you, you need to make sure she's never too far for you stop her. You can also use Runic attacks or your companion's special abilities to stop her, but in case these things are on cooldown, you can always use the shield.

6/10 Beigadr, The Feared

Location: Alberich Island, Svartalfheim

Using the powers of electricity, Beigadr can be quite a pain. His moveset still isn't too different, but his electric attacks can stun you, making you very vulnerable to further attacks. Dodge as much as you can, to ensure you won't be hit by one of those.

Being defensive here might be more worth it. If you've beaten a few Berserkers before heading here, you're probably well versed by now, so this fight shouldn't feel too difficult.

5/10 Haklangr, The Bearded

Location: The Sinkholes, Vanaheim

What's the point of being called "The Bearded" when you're a beardless undead? This one is a bit similar to Beigadr, minus the electricity. That would make him easier, but he has a rather nasty (and unblockable) attack that covers a big area.

You need to roll backward at least twice to escape the area, and you don't have that much time to do so. Make sure to keep the fight near the center of the arena, so the wall doesn't prevent you from escaping. Alternatively, if you have a Runic attack that activates quickly, you can use that to stop the attack.

4/10 Hvitserkr, The Bold

Location: Pilgrim's Landing, Vanaheim

Despite the title, this one has the mark of a coward; He summons minions to help him out during the fight.

You can stop his summons before they appear if you attack him during these moments with strong attacks, but it's recommended to use Runic attacks that cause a lot of area damage, so you can get rid of a lot of people at once (Cyclone of Chaos and Breath of Thamur are very useful here).

3/10 King Hrolf Kraki

Location: King's Grave, Midgard

Sorry King, but you're not the hardest. However, he's still the one with the largest health bar, the ability to give himself elemental armor, and essentially every special ability the other Berserkers have. RELATED: Most Heartwarming Moments In God Of War Ragnarok

This is a long fight, and pretty much all specific tips given on how to deal with the other Berserkers will work here, since he has all their abilities. The only reason he isn't the hardest is that dealing with just one guy is still easier than the team battles.

2/10 Bödvar, The Fierce And Starólfr, The Troublesome

Location: Jarnsmida Pitmines, Svartalfheim

Rather than minions, this one is a 2v2. You mainly have two strategies here, the quick one and the defensive one.

You can either focus on one of them until they die – although you should position yourself in a way they're both visible at all times – or you can attack whoever is attacking you, as one of them will focus on you and the other will focus on your companion, and they'll change from time to time. Staggering them will be difficult because of that, so try not to rely on staggers.

1/10 Svipdagr, The Cold And The Sisters Of Illska

Location: The Barrens, Alfheim

Svipdagr likes to fight at close range and will keep hunting you. The Sisters will keep their distance, and fight you with ranged attacks. The Sisters don't have as much health, and they both share the same health bar, which will make it tempting to focus on them first.

It's best not to though, because Svipdagr will hunt will constantly, and ignoring her may be your last mistake. Let your companion distract the Sisters, and fight with a weapon that has a lot of range to stop those energy spheres that follow you, and get rid of Svipdagr first. The Sisters won't last without her.

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