God Of War Ragnarok, The Forge Walkthrough

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So far, God of War Ragnarok's Svartalfheim hasn't proven to be overly hospitable. As our protagonists leave Nidavellire in the rearview mirror, they make their way through to the treacherous Forge. Along the way they will battle a variety of Grim foes across a number of different locations. You will also face down the dreaded Dreki.

Thankfully, it isn't all hard work and murder, you will have plenty of opportunities to gather treasures along the way as well. And hey, you may just get to enjoy a whimsical train ride while you are at it. We'll keep you on track, and make sure you don't miss anything important along the way.

Bay Of Bounty

Have just departed Nidavellire, we will be starting our journet in the Bay Of Bounty. You will be provided with a choice. You can either take a left and head for Durlin's Office, which is the main story path, or you can take a right, and adventure. We’re going to lead you through the primary path in this guide. Either way, you should make sure to grab that Yggdrasil Dew that is dead ahead as you enter the bay.

After grabbing the Yggdrasil Dew, take a left, you will now be able to collect another drop of Yggdrasil Dew. Generous! Now, dock your boat on the nearby beach and open the chest to get some Forged Iron. After that, head to the safety office and talk to Durlin. Once you are finished chatting, move through his office, and you will face off against a giant swarm of Grims.

There are quite a few of them, and if you aren't careful they can absolutely sneak up on you. If you are finding that you are frequently getting overwhelmed, we strongly suggest taking the high ground. If you get above the Grims, they will be forced to climb up to get you, as they do, you can lay into them with your axe and blades. Otherwise, if you find yourself getting surrounded: move. If you relocate to another section of the map, you will force them to give chase. Staying mobile is important!

There are also a ton of interactable objects in the environment you can use to kill the Grims quickly. This includes exploding pots! Make good use of them.

When you are done clearing out all the Grims, break the green barrier on the hanging platform and grab the Hacksilver from the chest. Then circle around and open the red chest wedged in the back corner for some Rawhide. Now, move through the gate.

The gate will take you to a giant open area that has a train that will take you to the top of the mountain. Before you get on the train, go grab the red chest that is tucked away behind a stack of barrels. You will be able to see a chest across a gap (where a bridge has caved in), but you won’t be able to get to it quite yet, so just ignore it for now. Hop onto the train. At the top of the mountain, you will find that the other train is broken. Travel along to the side and destroy the structure that has green paint on it to grab another relic. There is another one of those rune chests up here, but you won’t be able to open it yet, so move on. You will find a squat opening. This will lead you to a fight with a Dreki.

Boss Battle: Dreki

The Dreki is a giant lizard monster. Their primary attacks during the first part of the fight include a lunging attack (which will basically hit from nearly anywhere on the battlefield), a spit attack, a bite attack, and a tail whip. All of these attacks are fully parryable. However, you are going to want to pay close attention to the timing of the tailwhip attack, as it is pretty shockingly fast. Basically, once you see it beginning to spin you will want to whip out your shield (and it is better to be early than late, with this attack).

Once you take about a fifth of the Dreki’s health it will add a few potent electricity-based attacks to its arsenal. The first is an attack that hits all around it, and is unblockable. However, you are given a lot of notice for this one. So, as long as you haven't committed to a big attack, you should have plenty of time to just roll away. The next one is a little trickier.

The Dreki will spit a line of electrified liquid at you. It often does this in three parts. Once the Dreki uses this attack, the section of the ground will be untraversable for a period of time. If you stand in the electrified substance you will be shocked and take substantial damage. Unfortunately, the boss arena isn’t that large, so it is easy to get cornered by this attack. This is why if you see the Dreki getting some distance you will want to close it. That way if it uses this attack you can strafe around them, eliminating the issue.

The Dreki will also start to use a bite attack that has a yellow border. You need to parry it, as it will break through your guard. Luckily, even if you do mistime it, and you block instead of parry, you will still have time to roll out of the way of the follow-up attack. If you get those parries down, the Dreki won’t pose too much of a threat. Just stick close to it, parry the bites and tail swipes, strafe around it when it uses the electric spit, and roll away when they do their giant, unblockable electric attack. It may take one or two attempts, but you will get it.

The Forge

Once you kill the Dreki, pass through the narrow gap in the wall, and take a right. You will find a Lore Scroll on the ground, a Hacksilver chest in the corner, and some Lore Text to read on the wall. There are also a number of Hacksilver pouches spread around. Unfortunately, the gate is locked tight, so, once you have collected all the treasures, head back to the hole in the wall, and take the left path this time.

There is a red chest across the way. You will need to hold yourself over the ledge and cling to the distant surface with your Blades of Chaos (don’t worry, the game will do most of this for you). Now head toward the train tracks, kill the Wretches, destroy their nest, and you will be at the train. You just need to cut part of it loose, and then hop on and enjoy the ride..

Once you are finished your eventful, if bumpy, ride, clear out all the Grims in the area. This is similar to the encounter you had with them near Durlin's place. All the same tactics apply here. There are a lot of pouches of Hacksilver, and objects containing Hacksilver littering this area. Just smash everything and gather it all up. You will find a Hacksilver chest next to a chain; climb down the chain and you will find ANOTHER Hacksilver chest. Moreover, one of Odin’s ravens is flying around here. Take it out with your axe.

Now, back to the main path. Shoot the glowing green rock with Atreus, then cross the gap using your Blades of Chaos. Here you will see piles of yellow stone. Hit the explosives to clear the stone. One pile conceals a Hacksilver chest; the other is the entrance to the mine (and a few wretches). You will now be in the Jarminda Pitmines!

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