GoldenEye 007’s Iconic Pause Menu Theme Is Wrong On Switch

GoldenEye 007 returns on both the Switch and Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, but fans will notice that it’s not an exact recreation of the N64 classic. There’s going to be some subtle differences, and while some of those are improvements (like widescreen support and 4K graphics), others might be considered drawbacks.

As noted by ResetEra user Lady Bow, emulation issues with the Nintendo Switch version of GoldenEye 007 maybe have changed the game’s pause music. Check out this tweet from the official Nintendo of America Twitter account and have a listen to the pause menu music. Now take a listen to a recording of the original N64 watch menu music. Notice anything different?

"Yup, it's missing the sound that makes GoldenEye sound like GoldenEye," wrote Lady Bow, "that iconic pitched-down cymbal sample used in the movie and original game. The snare is also missing reverb."

It’s that pitched-down cymbal (which sort of makes it sound like a somewhat tinnier version of a gong) that really made GoldenEye’s soundscape unique. Users noted that it might not be just missing on the pause menu, either, judging by the trailer. It might also be missing from Dam, Facility, and Elevator levels.

Lady Bow speculates this is due to problems with the emulation software used for the Nintendo Switch’s Expansion Pass, but it’s possible this was a deliberate choice for the re-release. Or it might just be a bug that’ll be ironed out in later updates. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Things might be better on the Xbox Game Pass version of GoldenEye 007, which will receive enhanced 4K visuals, achievements, and split-screen multiplayer. The Nintendo Switch version, however, will receive online multiplayer, making it significantly easier to find a full four players to run around Facility with double Klobbs. We’re not sure why Xbox couldn’t figure out online multiplayer, but maybe that’ll just make it a more accurate recreation of the N64 experience.

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