Goodwill Employee Yells At Amouranth For Wearing Revealing Outfit "We Can All See Your Cheeks!"

During an IRL stream today, Amouranth got yelled at by a Goodwill employee while waiting in line the check out. The sales clerk seemed to take issue with the length of Amouranth’s shorts, shouting at her “We can all see the bottom of your cheeks!”

In truth, Amouranth had just spent the last half hour walking around the store in a french aid outfit before changing into a tank top and pair of shorts she pulled off the rack.  It seems likely that the sales clerk had more of a problem with the maid outfit but finally worked up the courage to confront Amouranth when she approached the counter to check out.

After about an hour in the store, Amouranth made her way to the check out and was stopped just short by the angry employee shouting “You can not walk around the store like this!”

Amouranth was clearly caught off guard because she awkwardly extends her arm to point at the clerk before asking her what the problem is. The clerk tells her there are “a lot of children and a lot of old people” in the store, indicating that she thinks the way Amouranth is dressed is inappropriate.

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Whenever Amouranth gets in trouble for breaking the rules in a public place, she typically plays dumb by pretending to misunderstand what the problem is. She argues with the clerk by saying she’s about to pay for what she’s wearing, forcing the clerk to get off topic and respond that next time she needs to pay for it first before walking around the store wearing it. Clearly, that isn’t the real issue here.

As she and he friend stand in line grumbling about how confusing they think it is to have been confronted, the sales clerk once again hits her with some reality by telling her that everyone can see her butt cheeks.

Amouranth’s stream, called “FRENCH MAID IRL” lasted just over 7 hours today. During the first 5 hours Amouranth wore her french maid outfit while shopping at Walmart, Ikea, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Ross, having lunch, and eventually in an arcade. No one every confronted her until the arcade, where an employee asked her to leave because her outfit was not “family appropriate.”From there, Amouranth went to Goodwill to get a new outfit before returning the arcade.

Amouranth must be aware stunts like this will make people upset, especially in a child-oriented place like an arcade. Last month PaymoneyWubby was banned on Twitch for streaming in a restaurant despite having permission to be there. Will Amouranth be similarly punished by Twitch for all the places she streamed today?

We’re guessing no.

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