Gotham Knights: Batgirl Skill Tree Guide

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One of several things that separates Gotham Knights from the Arkham series is that it's an RPG. Therefore, the game contains an RPG-like progressions system where you gain levels and unlock skills.

What is interesting is that the protagonists' progression is linked. So, for instance, if you go up a level as Batgirl, the other three will also go up a level, and every one of them gains an action point in the process. When it comes to spending those points on skills, the characters are separate again, as each of them has their own skill trees. This is a complete guide to the Batgirl ones.

It's impossible to acquire all the skills on your first playthrough. So, be careful with your choices.

Justice Skill Tree

The first skill you unlock with Batgirl will be in the Justice Skill Tree, as you're forced to get Perfect Evade before any other skill. Once you do, this tree opens up, and you can continue to progress down it.

The Justice Skill Tree is mostly about improving Batgirl's capabilities in close-quarters combat. So, if you're all about bringing the pain with your fists, feet, and Tonfa, these skills may interest you.

SkillWhat It DoesAP Cost
Perfect EvadeAllows Batgirl to perform a perfectly-timed dodge that boosts her momentum and enables her to hit a powerful follow-up strike.1
Critical ExpertiseThe damage of Batgirl's critical attacks increases by 20%.1
Elite BeatdownBatgirl's Beatdown momentum ability can no longer be interrupted by enemy attacks. Plus, when performing a beatdown, her defense increases by 20%.1
HeavyweightBoosts the damage Batgirl does with heavy attacks by 10% and increases stun elemental effect buildup by 20%.2
Precise StrikesImproves Batgirl's odds of landing a critical attack by 10%.2
Piercing BeatdownThe Beatdown ability can now interrupt armored attacks.2
Critical FocusBoth Batgirl's chance of landing a critical hit and how much damage they do is improved by 10%.3

The boosts to your critical chance and damage are always worth having. As for the Beatdown ones, it depends on how often you use that ability.

Grit Skill Tree

All you need to unlock access to the Grit Skill Tree is Perfect Evade. When you've got that, you're free to progress down the tree.

As the name 'Grit' suggests, the skills on this tree are all about making Batgirl harder to kill. Therefore, it's a good one to invest in if you're continually taking a beating.

SkillWhat It DoesAP Cost
HP+Improves Batgirl's HP by 40%.1
Enemy Counter FocusProvides a 75% defense bonus against enemy counter-attacks.1
Unflinching Heavy StrikeMost enemy attacks can no longer interrupt Batgirl's heavy melee strikes.1
Second WindAllows Batgirl to revive herself when her HP is depleted. She gets 50% of her health back in the process.3
Second Wind+After reviving herself with Second Wind, Batgirl also gains a momentum segment and a 10% increased chance of landing a critical for 15 seconds.2
Vigilante ResolveBatgirl can now use Second Wind twice.2
Sense Of VictoryBatgirl gains health when defeating an enemy. She gets an 8% boost for defeating them with a grab strike or takedown and a 4% boost for any using another method.2

Deeper into the game, health can become a problem as you face stronger enemies. Therefore, it's smart to get a few of these unless you happen to be amazing at avoiding damage.

Oracle Skill Tree

Like the others, the Oracle skill tree becomes available after acquiring the Perfect Evade skill. And you have to start at the top and work your way down it.

Oracle is the name of Barbara's former alter ego where she served as a tech expert on Batman's missions. As such, this skill tree is all about tech abilities.

SkillWhat It DoesAP Cost
Remote HackingEnables Batgirl to disable security devices, such as cameras and turrets.1
Shocking DevicesGives Batgirl the power to overcharge enemy devices and provide Bioelectric elemental effects in the process.1
Digital GhostStops electronic devices from being able to detect Batgirl. So, things like cameras can't see her.2
Gear OverclockingOverclocks her abilities to do 10% more damage. It also can be used on co-op partners to give them a 15% damage boost for 20 seconds.2
Hacking OverloadAllows Batgirl to alter security systems to work in her favor.2
Super Health PacksImproves the effectiveness of health packs by 20%. It also provides Batgirl with a 50% defense increase for 10 seconds.2
Health Packs+Allies also get healed by Batgirl's health packs, and their effectiveness increases by 20% in the process.2

The skills that impact security systems, particularly Digital Ghost, help significantly if you're a stealth player, and it makes infiltration much easier. If you don't do much stealth, however, you may not be too interested in what this tree has to offer.

Knighthood Skill Tree

It takes much longer to gain access to the Knighthood skills than the others. This is because you have to pass a series of challenges as Batgirl to unlock them. You will find them in the challenges tab on the Batcomputer at the end of the prologue.

The first one you unlock is the Glide ability. From there, you can freely acquire the others, assuming you have the AP points. It's a more varied skill tree than the others.

SkillsWhat It DoesAP Cost
GlideAllows Batgirl to glide through the air using her cape, which gives you an extra way to traverse Gotham.N/A
Grapple PullEnables you to grapple small enemies towards you and pull yourself close to big enemies.1
Fear TakedownInvokes fear in nearby enemies when you perform an ambush takedown. Plus, critical damage and chance improve by 15% for 10 seconds.1
Health Regen+Batgirl's health regenerates up to 40% while outside of combat.1
Enhanced ComboAdds an extra attack to melee and range combos. The additional melee one knockdowns the enemy.2
Drone FirepowerIncreases the fire rate of Batgirl's Drone.3
Drone Ambush BlastWhen summoned, Batgirl's drone unleashes a burst that does plenty of damage to nearby goons.3

All of these skills are useful in their own way. You should get the ones that fit your style of play.

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