Gotham Knights Developers Are "Currently Comfortable" With Nightwing’s Butt

The latest Gotham Knights gameplay trailer brought up a few questions among fans of the Bat Family. Some were genuinely puzzled questions, like how Red Hood suddenly got magical abilities. Others were serious, like why the devs used an ableist trope in the description for Batgirl. And then there were some rather thirsty questions.

Fans will know Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing to be the first ward taken up by Bruce Wayne, who then went on to become the first Robin. However, only the most hardcore fans will know what Nightwing's crowning acheivement in the DC Comics universe really is. Don't ask me how I know this, but amongst the fan-fiction and community discussions, Nightwing is considered to be the DC superhero with the best butt.

What is this based on, you ask? Considering that, like everything else, Nightwing's butt is drawn by artists and that no two images of it look the same – it's based on nothing at all. That didn't stop some fans of the hero from asking game director Geoff Ellenor why the gameplay trailer showed his butt to be a bit flat.

Ellenor, who was asked this question during a Q&A on the game's official Discord, revealed that he gets DM’ed about it ever since the first gameplay trailer (thanks, PCGamesN). Unfortunately for those fans, he said, “We are currently comfortable with the size of Nightwing’s posterior.” However, he added “I can’t promise that we won’t revisit this issue again someday.” So, there's still a slight chance that the devs decide to thicken up Grayson's booty.

The Q&A also shed some light on how Jason Todd suddenly got the ability to magically leap across the sky. “We really liked the idea that as Jason starts to confront the trauma of dying and being brought back, he begins to be able to tap into some lost abilities,” explained creative director Patrick Redding. "In the same way that he’s tried to reinvent himself from anti-hero to hero while retaining his strengths, he discovers he can channel these mystic talents in ways he finds familiar: Through his physicality [and] in how he moves, but also in how he fights and even how he uses his weapons.”

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