Gotham Knights: Nightwing Skill Tree Guide

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Gotham Knights is a game that many gamers have been looking forward to. With the Arkham series getting such high praise, it is no wonder this game has been so highly anticipated. Gotham Knights follow Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood who are looking to solve a case that Batman has left after his death.

You have the choice to play as any of the four characters in Gotham Nights, and you can change between them as and when you want. However, this guide is for Nightwing and will take you through his Skill Trees, including what they contain and do.

How To Unlock Skills

To unlock skills you will need ability points, these are earnt by leveling up Nightwing. You can level him up by completing story missions and solving crimes in Gotham. Each skill you are looking to unlock will have a certain amount of AP (Ability Points) needed to do so.

For example, the first unlock of a Skill Tree will be one AP, the next tier will be two AP and then the next three AP. You will also need to unlock the skill before the next line of skills to unlock that line of skills, and so on.

If you are looking to get some extra AP other than leveling up as normal, then you can do so by completing specific Side Activities.

This includes getting all the Collectibles such as Batarangs, Owl Pages, and Historical Plaques. You can also gain AP by completing all the Tutorials, and getting every Owl Cache.

Different Skill Trees

There are four different Skill Trees: Raptor, Acrobat, Pack Leader, and Knighthood.

The first three Skill Trees are already unlocked after completing the first mission and accessing the Batcomputer; however, Knighthood is not, and you will have to unlock this.


Raptor is the first of your Skill Trees, and it focuses mostly on critical damage and hit percentage, it also helps in unlocking Momentum abilities like Pounce, and being able to mark your enemies.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Perfect EvadePerform a perfectly timed evade that generates momentum and then can be followed up by a perfect attack.1 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Critical Damage by 20 percent.1 AP
TrampolineThe Pounce ability is auto-followed by a high jump onto another enemy (cannot be used when under a low ceiling).1 AP
Assassin's MarkYou can mark an enemy, which increases damage by you and allies to marked enemy by 10 percent.2 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases chance of landing a Critical Hit by 10 percent.2 AP
Aerial BounceYou will bounce off an enemy following an aerial attack to propel yourself back into the air (can be used three times in succession).2 AP
Critical DistanceHitting an enemy with a Melee attack from large distances increases your critical chance and critical damage by 15 percent.3 AP


The second tree is Acrobat, which focuses on increasing your damage from aerial attacks, and how much and quickly you get momentum. It will also help with increasing your evade abilities to get out of danger better.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Aerial Damage +Increases aerial attack damage by 20 percent.1 AP
Extra Momentum BarGives you an extra Momentum bar.1 AP
Momentum Gain +Increases your Momentum gain by 15 percent.1 AP
Evade ChainYou can chain your evades by performing a quick succession of back jumps.3 AP
Haly's FavoriteCompleting the Evade Chain knocks down all nearby enemies.2 AP
Evade Chain MomentumIf you perform Evade Chain during combat, it restores a portion of your Momentum.2 AP
Mind And BodyUsing Momentum abilities will restore a portion of your health.2 AP

Pack Leader

The Pack Leader Tree focuses on defense increase and dart abilities.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Family TiesIncreases your defense and resistance by 10 percent, and also grants additional bonuses when working with allies:

  • Batgirl: Melee Damage +15 percent
  • Red Hood: Ranged Damage +15 percent
  • Robin: Stealth Damage +15 percent
1 AP
Health Bolstered DefenseWhen your health is at least +70 percent, you get a +5 percent defense bonus which scales up to +20 percent at full health.1 AP
Momentum RegenYour Momentum regenerates over time but only up to one bar of Momentum. Then, once you gain more momentum through activities, the auto regen starts again. When working with allies, regen speed is increased.2 AP
Shared SkillAny Passive skills that Damage, Momentum Regen, and Ultimate Cooldown are shared with allies to 50 percent of their value.2 AP
Elemental Smart DartsYour darts inflict Elemental Effect build-up on enemies or heal allies over time.2 AP
Elemental Smart Darts +Your darts will also reduce enemies' defense by 10 percent and increase damage inflicted by allies by 5 percent for 10 seconds.2 AP
Revive DartsYour darts can be used to instantly revive an ally from afar, but only once per night.2 AP


To unlock Knighthood you will have to complete multiple Knighthood Challenges, such as stopping a certain amount of premeditated crimes, defeating mini-bosses and completing a Training session.

By completing these challenges, you will unlock the Knighthood Skill Tree and unlock the Flying Trapeze, which can be used to glide around the map from great heights. This is the first unlock of the Knighthood Skill Tree and is a free unlock; however, the other skills are unlocked with AP like the others.

SkillDescriptionAP Cost
Flying TrapezeUnlock the Flying Trapeze to glide through the map from high places.Complete the challenges to unlock Knighthood.
Triple DartsYou shoot three darts instead of one.1 AP
Strike Distance +Your Melee attacks can strike enemies from farther away.1 AP
GuardianDefeating an enemy reduces Nest ability cooldown by 15 percent.1 AP
Combat ExpertiseIncreases the number of attacks in your melee combo by one, and makes the last hit a knockdown.2 AP
Nest Buffs +Nest damage is increased by 150 percent and the healing effect is increased by 100 percent.3 AP
Bigger NestIncreases the size of the Nest.3 AP

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