GTA 5 Online Update: New Gauntlet Classic Car, Missions, Money and rewards added today

Meanwhile, another well known Rockstar Games leaker, @TezFunz2 has also outlined the key updates that Rockstar will be releasing later today, including details of 2x GTA$ & RP missions and the various discounts available today. You’ll find these details, just below:

What’s New:

  • Gauntlet Classic is now available.
  • New Podium Vehicle: Infernus Classic
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on:
  • – Casino Freemode Work – Associate/Bodyguard Salary Pay
  • Log in unlock: “Red The Diamond Resort Tee”.
  • 30% Off Casino Penthouse Garage.
  • New Clothes and Decorations at Casino Store.


  • 40% Off MOCs, Avenger, Terrorbyte, Weaponized Tampa, APC, Dune Fav.
  • 40% Off: Hangar Workshop, MOC Weapon & Vehicle Workshop, MOC Weapon Workshop, Avenger Vehicle Workshop, Arena Weapons Expert, Avenger Weapon Workshop, Terrorbyte Specialized Workshop, Terrorbyte Weapon Workshop
  • 35% Off Executive Office Modshop, Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop, Arena Benny’s O.M.W. Mechanic.
  • 30% Off Office Garages, Nightclub Garage Floors, All Dynasty 8 Garages, Arena Garage Floors.

Stay tuned, we’ll add more details about today’s update as they’re released


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