GTA 6 will be only Rockstar game this generation claims rumour

It still hasn’t even been announced yet but one insider claims that GTA 6 will be the only game Rockstar makes for the whole PS5 era.

The most recent rumours suggest that Grand Theft Auto 6 won’t be released until 2025 and while there’s no guarantee that’s true, the question many fans have asked themselves is whether Rockstar will make other, smaller, games before that.

The answer, appears to be no.

According to insider AccountNGT, who has proven accurate in the past, no new games will be released by Rockstar this generation. Although they do leave the door open for more remasters and remakes.

As disappointing as these comments may be, they’re not necessarily surprising, as Rockstar’s output has gradually decreased as the generations have gone on and GTA 5/GTA Online has continued to be a sales juggernaut.

On top of that, rather than being welcome surprises the recent remasters of the GTA 3 trilogy have done nothing but sully Rockstar’s reputation and it’s easy to imagine them being put off further such releases.

One new Rockstar game that has been rumoured lately, though, is a sequel to Bully, which insider Tom Henderson claims was due to be unveiled at last month’s The Game Awards, until its reveal was cancelled at the last minute.

AccountNGT agrees that the game has been in development but suggests that they ‘would be surprised if Rockstar restarts it’, suggesting that it has run into serious development issues.

The one thing the two rumourmongers agree on is that there is likely to be a PlayStation Sate of Play event in early February, which Henderson describes as having the potential for being a ‘pretty big one’.

Both also agree that frequently delayed Harry Potter role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy is likely to be one of the big featured games, with AccountNGT suggesting that its presence is ‘almost certain’.

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