GTA Online Player Spots T-Rex Tracks In Christmas Update

Many games have little Christmas or birthday easter eggs and updates to excite players with. Red Dead Online just had some very festive daily challenges to go along with its snowy Christmas overhaul. GTA Online has brought a white Christmas to the streets of Los Santos. Along with Christmas trees and snowball fights, one player has discovered a nice added detail: there are no dinosaur tracks in the snow leading up to the T-Rex statue outside Rex's Diner.

The festive period appropriately named Reddit user SomeCallMeTurkey posted their findings to the GTAOnline subreddit yesterday. They were walking past the diner just off the highway when they spotted some large tracks in the snow. They followed them right the way up to the giant statue of Rex. Seems he likes to go off for a stroll every now and again before coming back to be the diner's mascot.

Rockstar is a studio known for attention to detail, but it's still surprising when players spot things like this. Considering the snow will only be present for a short time, it's amazing a developer went to the effort of adding such a small thing that most won't even notice.

In other GTA news, online players can grab a free car before it goes on sale. It won't be available to buy until 2022, so make sure you log on before December 29 to claim your free ride. You'll also get some festive stripes livery to make it look extra festive.

Rockstar's going to put some more goodies in your stocking if you log in this week: "a clownfish mask and Red Festive Tee, a Fireworks Launcher and 20 rounds of ammunition, fully replenished snacks and armor, 25 Sticky Bombs and Grenades, ten Proximity Mines, and ten Molotovs," how's that for festive cheer?

It's nice for Rockstar to share some love given how good this year has been for GTA. GTA 5 topped the Twitch charts as this year's most-watched game.

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