GTA San Andreas: 8 Tips For Taking Over Gang Territories

Relatively early on in the story, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduces the mechanic of taking over gang territories. In a subversion of expectations, the story quickly does away with this and puts you on a whole different path. Gang territories only come into play once again during the end of the game when you return to Los Santos.

Once you reach here, you have to take over a certain percentage of territory to unlock the final mission. Doing this really puts your combat prowess to the test. Follow the tips and recommendations below to make this effort go by more easily. Once you have a solid handle on taking over territories, they will fall like dominoes.

Increase Maximum Health By Doing The Paramedic Missions

In Grand Theft Auto, bullets eat your health quickly. One enemy with an automatic weapon can kill you in just a couple of seconds if you are careless. To make you a little more durable, we advise doing the 12 levels of the Paramedic side missions.

You have to do them in one go, which can be challenging. To make these missions easier, go to a small town in the middle of a rural area. The smaller, the better. Activate the mission here and all of the patients will only show up in this town. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to do it, assuming you don't fail.

Do The Vigilante Missions To Increase Your Maximum Armor

Having increased maximum health should be enough of an advantage, but if you need an extra boost, you can increase your maximum armor by doing the Vigilante missions. There are also twelve levels to this side content and it is more combat-oriented.

Where we consider the Paramedic missions almost mandatory to a more enjoyable San Andreas playthrough in general, the increased maximum armor does not feel quite as necessary.

Don't Do Them At The Beginning Of The Game

As stated in the intro, you unlock this mechanic early in the game but then lose it just a couple of missions later.

Engaging in gang warfare here can net you a lot of cash, but you will just have to do the same work again at the end of the game when you can once again start taking over territories. Having the extra cash is nice, but don't think you're being proactive by doing them early.

The Best Loadout

Here are the weapons we recommend bringing to the fight. For a primary weapon, we recommend the M4. Its range and damage are both impressive. As a side-arm, take the SMG. Try to have both of your skills upgraded to hitman level.

This way, you will be able to move while firing. Also, buy some body armor and grenades. Grenades are particularly helpful because you can throw them at a small group of enemies to start the gang war immediately.

Recruit Other Gang Members

Though you are most likely able to take on most territories by yourself, recruiting other gang members before heading into the thick of things helps. Simply find some allies, lock onto them and then press up to complete recruitment.

The more respect you have, the more gang members you can have at one time. Even if they are not efficient killing machines, they at least take away some enemies' attention.

Use Cars As Cover

In San Andreas, cars serve as an excellent source of cover. If enemies are close and already firing at you, feel free to crouch behind a car and then shoot from them.

They provide a great source of cover from bullets. Adversely, if enemies are near cars, you can destroy the vehicle with one bullet if you shoot the gas tank.

Save Often And Reload If You Die

Weapons are not cheap in San Andreas. Ammunition is similarly expensive and costs just as much as the gun. To prevent sinking too much money into weapons, be sure to save often while taking over territories.

If you die, you can just reload and not lose money and progress. If you already took over a lot of areas and then die, it is probably not worth it to reload, which is why it is worth it to save as much as possible.

Play Defensively

Most important of all, play defensively. Enemies always know where you are and come charging toward you in large numbers. There is no reason to go out and look for enemies. Plant yourself somewhere with your back against the wall and lock on to enemies from afar using your M4.

Only once a wave is over should you go out and collect the ammunition. Don't forget to seek out the health and armor pickup in between the waves as well if you need them.

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