GTA Trilogy Physical Releases Have Been Delayed

Rockstar had a launch to forget with the GTA Trilogy, and its woes just don’t seem to end. To add to its misery, it's been announced that physical versions of the game are delayed – some until next year.

The physical copies of the game for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 will now be available on December 17, 2021, as opposed to its previous release date of December 7. Nintendo Switch users will have to wait even longer, as its own copies are delayed to early 2022.

Rockstar made the announcement on Twitter, confirming the 10-day delay. Obviously, fans took this opportunity to make jabs at the company, even though the delay isn't that long for Xbox and PlayStation users. However, the disastrous launch has made the community more hostile than ever before, they won’t miss any opportunity to dish it out.

To say that the GTA Trilogy's launch was terrible would be an understatement. The issues started immediately, as PC users weren’t able to access the game at all via the Rockstar Game Launcher for almost two days. That was just the beginning of its downfall, as reports started pouring in about how the game was riddled with spelling errors, and questionable character models, amidst other issues.

Rockstar publicly apologized to players and promised to fix the game. So far, there have been two major patches, with the first one fixing over 61 bugs and glitches. The most recent patch is an even more significant one, bringing back the classic fog to San Andreas, along with a fix for the game-breaking rain.

Despite the company actively trying to make amends, the Trilogy’s Metacritic score remains 0.5 out of 10. Apart from the obvious issues, it seems fans are more upset about the fact that Rockstar released inferior versions of classic games, and still hasn’t made any announcement regarding GTA 6 or any other sequel or prequel in the series. Fans have been complaining that Rockstar is just milking older titles as much as it can, and this situation suggest that their criticism is justified.

Fixing the Trilogy is a necessary step, but if Rockstar really wants to improve players’ perception of them, it needs to work on announcing the next game rather than cashing in on remasters.

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