Guillermo del Torro Is Still Bitter Over P.T.

Legendary filmmaker and sometimes Kojima collaborator, Guillermo del Toro, is sharing his opinion on the whole Kojima/Konami/P.T. fiasco over on Twitter, and it seems that he's still a little bitter about what went down. That opinion consists of two little letters with some big meanings behind them.

On the eighth anniversary of the release of the much-loved P.T. demo, Kojima tweeted out his surprise that so much time had passed. Alongside the main background image for the would-be Silent Hills game, Kojima wrote “It’s been 8 years” with a little shocked ghost emoji. In response to that tweet, Kojima’s P.T. collaborator, Guillermo del Toro, posted a simple “F.K.”.

Of course, those letters could stand for anything. However, those familiar with the public breakup of Konami and Kojima will remember a certain phrase being thrown around that happens to coincide with those letters: “Fuck Konami”. Add in the fact that the Pan’s Labyrinth director was poised to help Kojima work on P.T.’s actual game, Silent Hills, before the public falling out and it sounds like del Toro still harbors some resentment.

If you're surprised to see del Toro still be annoyed about PT, let me take you back to 2015. After the playable teaser took the world by storm, everyone was eager for a Silent Hill game that blended Kojima’s horror ideas with del Toro’s macabre fantasies. However, that game would never see the light of day as, not long after P.T. debuted, Konami and Kojima parted ways due to mistreatment and mismanagement and all that work was scrapped.

While people still held out hope for the release of a Kojima horror, as time passed it has seemed less and less likely. Thankfully, Kojima went on to form his own studio and release Death Stranding, while del Toro nabbed an Oscar or two. Still, some wounds never fully heal and del Toro clearly holds some bitter feelings towards Konami and the whole ordeal.

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