Have Modern Warfare Hardcore multiplayer modes, Harpdoint release date leaked?

It looks like the data-mined information from the Modern Warfare beta will never let up.

The beta has so far been a pretty decent source of information about this year's highly-anticipated installation of the stalwart FPS franchise, and ahead of the game's release, it looks like we've learned some more information.

On Twitter, tried and trusted Modern Warfare leaker TheGamingRevolution has discovered even more information about what Infinity Ward seems to be planning for the game.

It looks like Modern Warfare is going to see the return of fan-favourite hardcore modes, and there'll be some post-launch game modes to come, too (shoutout to the much-requested Hardpoint).

Of course, none of this information is particularly reliable at this point – there's been no official word from Infinity Ward about whether or not we'll see any of these modes in the final game.

But we've run stories from TheGamingRevolution's finds before, and they've checked out, so we're willing to give the dataminer the benefit of the doubt this time.

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As per TheGamingRevolution :

Some post Launch modes in Modern Warfare:
• Search and Rescue (might be removed altogether)
• One in the chamber
• Infected
• Hardpoint
• Drop Zone
• Defender
• Demolition
• Invasion (with hardcore – might be removed)
• Gun Game
• Reinforce
• Team Juggernaut

Hardcore modes in Modern Warfare on launch:
• Team Deathmatch
• Search and Destroy
• Kill Confirmed
• Free For All
• Arms Race (Co-Op)
• Cyber Attack
• Domination
• Headquarters

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And that's not all – the Twitter user also notes 'way more' modes are being worked on, though not all will see the light of day… apparently there are 'too many to count'.

That's impressive.

Modern Warfare comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (with crossplay!) on October 25, 2019.

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