HBO's Watchmen Series: 6 Burning Questions Answered by Peteypedia

HBO's new Watchmen series is showing us what became of the world of the original graphic novel 30 years after a giant squid monster changed the course of human history. It's a world that is uncomfortably close to our own in many respects, but in other ways the Watchmen universe circa 2019 is a wholly alien place. There's no Internet or smartphones. Robert Redford has been president since 1992. Mini squids raining from the sky is an ordinary occurrence.Little by little, the series is pulling back the curtain and revealing just how much this world has changed since the classic comic and why. But for the full scoop, you really need to be reading Peteypedia. This tie-in website (named for the FBI agent character Dale Petey) basically serves as the equivalent of the supplemental backup pages in the original Watchmen comic. It features memos and documents pulled from the Watchmen universe, offering insight into plot points like the absence of the Internet and the controversy over President Redford's "Redford-ations."

Read on for a breakdown of all the burning questions answered by Peteypedia. We'll continue to update as new episodes air and new Peteypedia entries make their way online.

Full spoilers follow for Watchmen.
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