Here’s The First Footage Of Ugly Sonic In Chip And Dale: Rescue Rangers

The first footage of Ugly Sonic in Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers has been revealed and it is glorious.

Earlier in the week, it was reported that Ugly Sonic has a cameo role within Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers, and now that the movie is out, we've finally got an idea of what his role in the film is, who's voicing him, and just how much it makes fun of how Sonic was originally going to look in his own movie.

As you can see from this YouTube clip compiling Ugly Sonic's appearances in the film, he has around two minutes of screentime, which is pretty substantial for what everyone assumed to just be a passing cameo. He's also voiced by Tim Robinson of I Think You Should Leave fame (just picture the meme of a man in a hot dog suit), who gives him a very different performance than Ben Schwartz and is fittingly treated like a completely different character.

The clips show that Ugly Sonic appears with his own booth at the same convention that Dale is selling old photos of himself at, with most passersby seemingly completely uninterested in the two. Ugly Sonic's booth is full of photos of his head placed atop other characters for portraits and the character is portrayed as washed up and chasing fame similarly to Dale, who keeps getting creeped out by the hedgehog's weird set of human teeth, with slow-motion zoom placed on the character's mouth as he's talking. He then mentions that he's getting his own show where he goes on ride alongs with the FBI.

A scene later in the movie has both Chip and Dale talking to Ugly Sonic after needing help from the FBI, who Sonic previously claimed to have known. It's made clear that he wasn't really getting his own show and was just lying, before he claims that "going fast" is Sonic's thing and that Ugly Sonic "goes slow baby". Perfection.

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