Hi-Fi Rush Was Pitched Before Game Pass Existed

Hi-Fi Rush's director has described the title as a "dream game" and revealed that it was pitched back in 2017, debunking the assumption that it was made just for Xbox Game Pass.

Earlier this week, Xbox held its first Developer_Direct, revealing new details on some of its upcoming games. The best news to come from the showcase was the reveal and subsequent shadow drop of Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm brawler from Tango Gameworks that's quickly become one of the most positively talked-about Xbox games in some time.

The sudden shadow dropping of Hi-Fi Rush has made the assumption that it was created just for Xbox Game Pass a pretty easy one, with many assuming Xbox has released and made it out of nowhere. Anyone who's played it will know it's far too complex to have just been booted out the door, but game director John Johanas has further proven that assumption wrong by revealing it was pitched before Game Pass was even around.

As shared by Twitter user Dreamboum, John Johanas recently took part in a Twitch steam with Xbox to showcase some early-game footage of Hi-Fi Rush's beginning hours. During the stream, Johanas admits that Hi-Fi Rush is a "dream game" for him to make, while also rejecting the rumours that it was made for Game Pass.

Johanas said, "It's one of those dream games, that I had way back… I had finished working on The Evil Within 2, we'd just made two horror games in a row, and we knew that Ghostwire was in production, the next title that we were going to make, and so I was like, 'what if I pitch this'. Remember this was like 2017. I know people were saying, 'oh, you made this because of Game Pass,' but no, this is like before."

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