Hitman 3: Where To Find The Sabotage Tools And Where To Use Them In Chongqing

Hitman 3 allows 47 to be a masterful assassin or an agent of chaos, depending on your playstyle. Sabotage tools can be found on each map to allow him to embrace the chaos. This guide will tell you where to find all the tools in Chongqing, and where best to use them.

What Are Sabotage Tools?

The crowbar, wrench, screwdriver, and rat poison make up the tools that Agent 47 can use to eliminate his targets with hilarity. To have a better idea of what mayhem 47 is capable of with the right tools, check here.

The Setup

This guide has you begin at the River Side Walkway starting location with the coins and lockpick, but the coins can be swapped for another item if you so choose (more on this later).

This starting location is unlocked after the first time you complete End of an Era and gets you into the heart of the map sooner than the initial starting location. Not only that, but there are no tools at the original starting location anyway… just a long walkway.

An interesting tidbit about this map: there are coins just about everywhere. You will have an abundance of distractions available to you if you decide not to start with the coin in your planning phase of the mission.

Keep in mind that several tools on this map are located in restricted areas, so having an appropriate disguise will make acquisition much easier.

Where To Find The Crowbar

#1 This crowbar is found near where some homeless people are gathered, in a covered area under the Jade Emperor Arcade sign. The crowbar is lying on top of a pallet next to the burn barrel.

#2 This can be found in the room just beyond the restricted outdoor area by the arcade. The crowbar is lying on top of a box.

#3 This crowbar can be found on Level 3 of the map in the Derelict Apartments. It is lying on top of a box just beyond some block guards sitting near the couch and table.

Be careful the patrolling block guard enforcer doesn’t spot you!

#4 This can be found on the North side of Hush’s Private Lab. The crowbar is lying on top of an unopened TV box

#5 This can be found next to some trash in the Inner Courtyard, located at the southeastern part of the map.

#6 This can be found on the same rooftop area as the Glorious Leap Sign. The crowbar is lying on the ground beneath the metal stairs.

#7 This can be found in the maintenance tunnels on the bottom level of the ICA facility. it is lying on the ground near the southwestern corner of the tunnels.

Where To Use The Crowbar

One place that the crowbar can be used is the Fusebox cabinet just outside the Recruitment Station. It is useful for knocking out a researcher so you can take the Researcher Disguise, allowing 47 to navigate this building a little easier.

The Block Ladder Shortcut – The block ladder shortcut can be found very close by where you can get the Researcher Disguise just outside the Recruitment Station. Just break the lock and you’ll have access to this balcony from street level every time you replay this map!

The crowbar is also useful on this map in that 47 can use them to open manhole covers in the various alleyways to create hiding places for bodies.

Where To Find The Rat Poison

#1 This poison can be found on a shelf in the laundromat in the manager’s office. To get it without being noticed, go toward the back of the laundromat and turn off the fusebox. This will distract the manager long enough for you to sneak in and grab the poison off the shelf.

#2 This poison can be found inside the bathroom of the Recruitment Station. It is lying on top of a footstool next to the toilet. Having the Researcher Disguise makes accessing this much easier.

#3 So much rat poison in the bathrooms here in Chongqinq, eh? The rat poison is lying on top of a large appliance in the bathroom located right next to where you can find Screwdriver #2.

#4 Another bathroom, another rat poison. This one can be found in the bathroom of the restaurant on a stepstool.

#5 This poison is hidden on a janitor’s cart in the underground ICA facility. The cart can be found in the bathroom right next to the ventilation room where you can poison Imogen Royce for the Venting Some Stress challenge.

Where To Use Rat Poison

The rat poison is best used in the kitchen area of Chongqing. After acquiring a Dumpling Cook Disguise, find the empty plate and prepare the food, then add the rat poison. After you add the poison, ring the bell and another chef will bring the poisoned food out to a restaurant patron that happens to be preparing for a tour of the underground ICA facility.

Doing this will complete the There’s a hair in my soup challenge, which is one of several Redacted Challenges in Chongqing!

Where To Find The Wrench

#1 This can be found in the restricted outdoor area behind the arcade. The wrench is lying on top of a trash can. To access this area without confrontation, put on the Street Guard Disguise you can find in the same room as Screwdriver #1.

#2 This can be found in the same room as Crowbar #3. The wrench is lying on top of a cabinet right next to an old CRT TV set.

#3 This wrench can be found in Hush’s Secret Lab nestled in a server tower.

#4 This can be found in the stairwell above the laundromat. Just use the code 0118 on the keypad at the back of the laundromat, and head upstairs. The wrench is lying on top of a stack of cardboard boxes.

#5 This can be found in the same room of the ICA facility as Screwdriver #6. The wrench is lying on a shelf next to the door in the corner of the room.

Where To Use The Wrench

One great place to use the wrench is on the Southeastern Rooftop. A gas cylinder can be sabotaged for an accidental explosion kill on Imogen Royce, but it does require a little setup.

Use the wrench on the cylinder located next to the chain-link fence, then start shooting the patrolling drones out of the sky with a silenced weapon. After you destroy enough of them, Imogen Royce will march to the rooftop, angry about her drones.

Upon completing her diagnostic check on her tablet, Royce will light up a cigarette to calm down, then BOOM!

Where To Find The Screwdriver

#1 This can be found in the back room of the arcade on a workbench. Walk past the front door toward the right and hug the wall. Unlock this door with your lockpick and you’ll see the screwdriver in front of you. There is also a Street Guard Disguise in this room, so put that on to make navigating the alleys a little less troublesome.

#2 This can be found on the same floor as all of the test subject pods on Level 4. The screwdriver is lying on top of an equipment case next to the kitchen.

#3 This is found in a small storage room near the Lotus Passage skyway. The screwdriver is lying on top of a storage crate amidst the rest of the clutter in this room.

#4 This little guy can be found in a small room just beyond the Facility Elevator Shaft. The Facility Elevator Shaft Shortcut is also nearby.

#5 This screwdriver is lying on a workbench in Royce’s Office in the underground ICA facility. Best way to access this is from the maintenance tunnel behind Royce’s desk.

#6 This can be found in the room adjacent to the Core Control Room on the bottom level of the ICA facility. The screwdriver is lying on top of a grey tool chest.

#7 This screwdriver is located on the bottom level of the ICA facility near a hatch for the maintenance tunnel. It is lying on top of a white tool chest amidst other miscellaneous tools.

#8 This screwdriver is hidden in the service tunnels on the 2nd level basement of the ICA facility.

Where To Use The Screwdriver

The screwdrivers are handy in a pinch around the underground ICA facility. If you don’t want to scour the facility for the Tier 1, 2, or 3 Access Dongles (which happen to be covered in our 10 Tips & Secrets For End Of An Era guide), then you can use the screwdriver to break the maintenance hatches, allowing 47 to climb through them without hacking the terminals.

For some reason, there are also several locations on the map where an electrical outlet is placed conveniently close to a watercooler, allowing for an accidental electrical kill, if you so desire.

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