Hogwarts Legacy Discord Moderator Tells Users To Stop Talking About Trans Rights

Hogwarts Legacy has an official Discord server to discuss all things about the game and Harry Potter. So naturally, many have joined to say trans rights and denounce JK Rowling for her transphobic comments, sparking moderators to try and push the conversation away from the server.

"Just for the record, we absolutely want to create… a good space for everyone, regardless of background, gender or sexuality," moderator SWIFT wrote. "Are trans rights human rights? Yes. But it's getting really hard having a constant discussion here – there are better places which can accommodate true discussion of this topic because it does need to be discussed."

Another moderator, Aragog, also said, "Please keep it on-topic. As important as trans rights are, this is not the place." Others accused the moderating staff of removing trans flags, to which they claimed they only do in cases of spam, while some went as far as to say they had been banned for saying "Trans rights". A couple of us at TheGamer tested this by posting such messages, but we were not removed.

This sentiment seems to be shared across the entire mod team, as another, Plums, said, "Can we talk about Hogwarts Legacy and not about JK and trans anymore?" This is in spite of the fact that JK Rowling will make money from Hogwarts Legacy's sales, making it impossible to separate it from her.

To boot, several players have been discussing Hogwarts Legacy's trans character, Sirona Ryan, who was reportedly added to distract from Rowling's bigotry. Many have also called out her name for being transphobic in of itself – not talking about trans rights while Hogwarts Legacy is embroiled in such controversy is a difficult ask, and ignores pertinent issues by pushing aside the context it's steeped in.

Another mod, called M3GAN~, in response to a trans rights post, said, "Can we cool it with the trans topics?" Meanwhile, several people have reported users entering their DMs to say slurs, send bigoted articles about trans people, and demean their identities.

Regardless, despite Hogwarts Legacys' ties to JK Rowling, its controversial trans character, and the claims of bigotry happening around the server, moderators are consistently asking users in the Discord not to talk about such issues.

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