Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Horizon Zero Dawn was easily one of the best games of 2017, with fans breathlessly awaiting a sequel to Guerrilla Games’ RPG. Once you enter into the beautiful world and follow the growth of the heroine Aloy, you may not want to leave. Which is perfectly understandable!

The lush environments are inviting and the challenge of overcoming tribal conflict and mastering the machines keeps players locked into the game long after starting the campaign. When you do finish the main story, however, you may feel disappointed that you have to leave, but there are more hours left in Horizon Zero Dawn. You just have to know where to look.

Updated April 8th, 2021 by Staci Miller: With Horizon Forbidden West looming, many Horizon Zero Dawn fans are delving back into the original game that started it all—especially now that it’s available on not just Playstation, but PC. If you’re itching to dive back in but you’ve completed the game already, don’t worry about it. There’s still so much to do. 

15 Collect Knowledge of All Machines

As Aloy travels through the world, she comes across all kinds of different machines to defeat and catalogs them, learning as she goes. Completing the game doesn’t require getting all of this knowledge, so if you finished the main quest without meeting all of the machines, it’s time to go learn about them!

Some are harder than others to defeat, but if you’ve levelled up enough in the game, you should have no problem taking care of the more tricky machines (like Stalkers).

14 The Frozen Wilds DLC

There’s a whole expansion waiting for those who finished the main quest. The open-world action game offers more content as Aloy is thrust into a standalone side quest. The northern reaches of Aloy’s land open up, allowing the player to venture into the snowy mountains.

The Banuk tribe encountered in the main game features heavily in the DLC, as they require the strength of a formidable ally to save them. Aloy proves worthy to the task, and The Frozen Wilds offers around ten hours of additional content for players to enjoy.

13 Collect All Trophies

Still playing on Playstation? It’s time to collect all of the trophies! Like most games, completing the game doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve earned every trophy available. Some of them are attained only by completing side quests, or finding certain collectibles. You’ll have to really move through the land and do everything if you want that Platinum.

12 New Game Plus

Horizon Zero Dawn offers a full playthrough for gamers that have finished the main story. There is the option to restart from the beginning (minus the scenes as a child) while keeping all of Aloy’s gear and her current level. For those who want to reenter the world of Aloy and the machines, New Game Plus should be considered a must.

It’s an opportunity to fight differently, complete quests missed during the first playthrough, or just do it all over again. The diversity of weapons and the amount of content available means you can play in many different ways. So jump back in!

11 Harder Difficulty

For those who played through the game once, consider trying it again on a harder difficulty. The game can be challenging depending on which enemies are being faced and the weapons at the player’s disposal. Increasing the tenacity of Aloy’s opponents could be the next step in your Horizon Zero Dawn journey.

If you continue to improve your skills and gameplay, you’ll be more than ready when the sequel comes. Go take on a Thunderjaw with nothing but your wits and your bow. On the “Very Hard” mode, you’ll be an intimidating presence when you come out the other side unscathed.

10 Cosmetics

Once you’ve completed New Game Plus on Hard difficulty, you can unlock cosmetics such as Focus Effects and Face Paint.

These can change the visuals for Aloy and although they don’t do much for the gameplay itself, they keep things interesting by giving you more things to collect and cool new things to look at!

9 Finish All Quests And Errands

It’s more than likely that most players didn’t finish all of the side quests and errands on their first playthrough. There is so much to do in the world and some of the content isn’t available until later in the game. So if you’ve finished the main story, go back and complete all of the side quests and errands.

The NPCs encountered can all use a little bit of help, and Aloy is the perfect solution to their problems. She’s a fixer and fighter. Use her strengths to bring some peace of mind to the tribes throughout the land.

8 Collectibles

Same advice for the collectibles hidden in all the nooks and crannies. There’s plenty of things to find for the completionist out there. If you’re keen on snagging all the achievements, then you’ll need to be persistent in collecting all the trinkets and information available in the game.

There are metal flowers, Banuk figures, and much more. The most enjoyable collectibles, though, are the Vantages and the Datapoints, as they provide an understanding of the world before it was lost.

7 Get All Weapons

From spears to bows, Horizon Zero Dawn offers a vast number of weapons in the game and many of them can be upgraded. If you want the complete collection, you’ll have to hunt down a variety of items and buy a lot from merchants—but if you’re a true completionist beyond just trophies, this is a necessity.

6 Power Cells

Some of the collectibles that feature as a side quest are the power cells, which are used to unlock The Ancient Armory and an awesome set of armor. It makes Aloy as indestructible as possible in the game. And it’s well worth the time.

Trekking through the wild can be dangerous with all of the deadly machines out there, but it’s less terrifying with the right gear. This armor can’t be beaten. Especially if you acquire it before starting a New Game Plus file. Nothing says “Can’t touch this!” like a shiny set of ancient armor.

5 Level Up

The max level in Horizon Zero Dawn is sixty and after completing the game once, you likely haven’t hit this. The higher your level climbs, the more you have to do to advance it even further, so keep leveling up if you want to hit the max!

Above sixty, the game also has something called a ghost level. It means you can keep leveling up after sixty, though it won’t have much effect on the game. Still, it gives you Horizon Zero Dawn player bragging rights, since most people don’t advance in the ghost levels.

4 Photo Mode

Some of the best games in recent years come equipped with a Photo Mode. The feature has allowed players to capture beautiful screenshots in games where the graphics are amazing. Horizon Zero Dawn is an astonishing game with wonderful views.

Learning how to use the Photo Mode can bring a lot of excitement to the game once the campaign is completed, as nothing unites communities like sharing screenshots with other fans. For those with the PS4 Pro, then there is even more reason to practice your photography skills.

3 Practice Hunting

The Hunting Grounds activities are there for Aloy to hone her skills. She’s a peerless hunter, but even Aloy can improve. If you’ve seen how the world came to be broken, and you’ve uncovered your past, then it’s time for the next step.

Take out the machines with expertise developed over countless hunts. Find new ways to gain the advantage in a fight. Complete all of the Hunting Grounds trials with a Blazing Sun. Prove that you’re the best hunter in the lands and wield Aloy’s weapons with unmatched skill.

2 Check Out All The Fan Art

Art by Heber Villar Liza.

The fanbase for Horizon Zero Dawn is passionate, and once you’ve joined the ranks of players who’ve completed Aloy’s story to date, maybe you’ll want to interact with other gamers.

There is a strong community of people who’ve created physical and digital art based on the game. Cosplay is also a popular outlet of expression, and some awesome outfits have been built. If Photo Mode doesn’t scratch your itch, then there is a whole world of art out there for you. Check out the impressive content that players have made.

1 Wait For The Sequel

Dear goodness, we need the sequel to get here. Like, we need the sequel to release soon. We don’t even have a teaser yet. No tidbits of information. No leaks. Nothing that has given us a glimpse of the world to come. So buckle down and wait with the rest of us. Congratulations on finishing the main story.

We loved it, too. Now let’s all commiserate while we squirm in our seats. We need more Aloy in our life. We need more Horizon Zero Dawn. Let’s make it happen, Guerrilla Games.

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