How Long Does It Take To Beat Persona 3 Portable?

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Becoming available on modern consoles in January 2023, Persona 3 Portable is definitely no small undertaking. It serves as the bridge between the old style of the Shin Megami Tensei series and begins the transition into the Persona series we all know and love today.

Atlus chose the shortest of the three versions of the game to bring to current consoles, but just because it’s shorter doesn’t mean it’s short by any means – JRPGs have long been renowned for their playtime. To find out how much time you’ll need to set aside to enjoy Persona 3 Portable, read on ahead.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Persona 3 Portable?

Although Persona 3 Portable is the shortest of the three versions of Persona 3’s story, you’re still looking at a big time requirement to finish it.

If you’re simply trying to experience the story of Persona 3 Portable – especially since the game was so difficult to come by without the use of emulators until now – you’re looking at an investment of around 65 hours total, according to

The length comes from the addition of new social links for P3P. Persona 3 originally launched with just the option to play as the male protagonist, but the inclusion of the female protagonist opened a host of new social links.

The male protagonist does not have social links with the male members of SEES – if you want to get to know any of them, you’ll need to play as the female protagonist.

If you played the original Persona 3, the female protagonist route updates just enough to leave the game feeling new!

We cover all the differences between the two protagonists in another guide, but between changed social links and new soundtracks, among other things, the difference is palpable.

How Long Does It Take To 100 Percent Persona 3 Portable

Reaching 100 percent completion in Persona (or in any JRPG, for that matter) is no small feat, often requiring a triple-digit number of hours to complete. Persona 3 very much falls in line with this trend.

If you’re trying to complete all your social links, find all the Personas to fill your Compendium, max your skills, and cover as much ground in one playthrough as possible, it’ll take about 125 hours to complete.

Persona games are famous for the amount of content they fit into a limited time, so unless you’re planning to play a New Game +, your schedule is bound to be pretty packed.

If you’re intending to try to fit everything into one playthrough, it’s highly recommended to use a guide.

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