How To Beat Loki In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tests players of the series more so than earlier entries due to the presence of the Asgard arc, which requires you to face beings from Nordic lore. This includes the Trickster God Loki, who is a constant thorn in the side of Havi and is finally open to be fought in a boss fight of his own. To bring Loki down smoothly, check out these essential tips for coming out on top of this fight.

The Prelude To The Fight

To reach this battle, you need to begin the mission “The Price of Wisdom,” which will follow the battle against Suttungr the Giant. By this point, the game’s difficulty has increased, so ensure you have a power level of about 190 before beginning this sequence.

You need to reach Mimir’s well, so use the fast travel option to the synchronization point on the right of the map where the boss fight will be about to begin. The area is partially submerged in water and Loki will announce his presence that will then initiate a cutscene.

Loki’s Strategy In The Fight

Loki makes use of his superior speed throughout the battle, as his main move is to stump you into flaying your weapon around while he avoids your attacks with ease. He doesn’t have a weak point, which Loki uses to his advantage since the game doesn’t present prompts to attack specific locations.

He makes sure to goad Havi into shooting ranged moves by standing at a certain distance — don’t fall for this as it’s just a ploy for Loki to dodge the arrows and slash at you when you’re exposed. He achieves this by teleporting right behind Havi, which is easy to miss since Loki does it in a flash.

How To Defeat Loki

With the fight underway, and making yourself aware of Loki’s strategy, you need to avoid Loki at all costs. The trick here is to wait for the signal of his attack — this is indicated by a blue teleportation move. Once you can on to it, look for the red rune flash he makes just before attacking.

Aim for a perfect dodge to slow time as this is your window to deal Loki damage with melee weapons. Be sure to equip a shield before this fight in order to block his moves since his extreme speed is liable to allow him to land some hits at you.

Alternatively, you can equip the Valkyrie jump-stomp ability from your skill tree and follow the same strategy mentioned earlier of making a perfect dodge and attacking Loki. The Valkyrie jump-stomp is a guaranteed hit that deals significant damage to Loki’s health bar.

Completing The Quest

Being the coward he is, Loki won’t stop to accept defeat and will flee before he’s put down. Following this, head toward Mimir’s well and go inside. There’s a sculpture of a giant head of a man here so it’s easy to spot.

A cutscene will ensue, following which you can finally leave Jotunheim. It’s highly advisable you don’t instantly head back to Asgard as the next portion of the game requires a higher power level.

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